iscrewbabies 002. :D

i’m too laggy to train here

MapleStory is getting boring again. ): I sort of quit training for a while since about the start of my Spring Break, I was like.. level 54~55, something around there, and my last level up was a few days ago and I’m level 63 so.. I’m gonna take a little break. ^^;; + I loaned my Pink Adventurer Cape and my WG to my warrior friend, Tomo who was hacked. :F

Level 70 for Luis!
:B My friend advancing the day I leveled to 60!
Me leveling to 60!
Leveling to 61!
Leveling to 62!
Leveling to 63!
I missed this one.. ):
Easter eggies pissing me off while I’m questing!
Why is it that you don’t even have to attack them for them to attack YOU?
Really cool weapon.
I saw this when wandering in FM.
Battle-something Gi. D:
My guildmember made one of these.. ;=; One of the iTCG items to make it costs like 54m so purchasing/making one for me is waaay out of the question regardless of how much I want one. ;-;

Oh, and before I wrap this up.. have I mentioned how many people just LOVE my username?
My eyes cause quite a confusion of my gender, and a desire to view my hair. ;O


I think I’ll end this bloggy with a screenie with a random archer I made that reminded me of Britney Spears. Gotta love those April Fool’s packages.


7 thoughts on “iscrewbabies 002. :D”

  1. How is that guy swearing in the last screenshot? O_o
    And its Bosshunter Gi.

    ~Lily x33.

  2. AxiomFable said: “How is that guy swearing in the last screenshot? O_o
    And its Bosshunter Gi.

    ~Lily x33.”

    Guild BBS glitch.

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