Winners and Losers, Chapter 7 Part 1

This is by far my favourite chapter out of everything I have accomplished so I decided to rewrite it.
I suppose I am unwilling to let go of the remnants that remain >.>
Most of you might find it very negative though. For the minority, enjoy.


My life, over the brief period of a few days, had taken such a detrimental course into the depths of despondence I could almost laugh it off as some ludicrous joke. My debilitated mind, distraught to the last cell, no longer even understood the meaning of ambition.

Ironically, the very goal I had been so keen on pursuing, the core of my dreams, had sadistically discoursed my miserable life to a point of no return. I had lost the last of my strength to push on and my willpower had been completely drained, the last bits depleting like a vulnerable drop of water under the sweltering heat of the merciless sun begging to live.

It did not matter the slightest bit if my intentions were pure- I could no longer distinct between right and wrong. Dragging April’s life into a hopeless pitiful state like the clammy arm of a relentless zombie clutched tightly to its victim, unwillingly stubborn to let go- was that really the joker card the fate gods above had chosen to play? If ending my life was such a mistake, why did choosing to live on not turn out to be such a viable choice after all?

Oh, what exactly does it take to love someone? Are my feelings destined to remain unrequited? I chose to offer my resistance, to brave on in April’s name and glory. Why did it have to bear such devastating results? Was perseverance not a virtue we were taught to seek?

“Jake, the commendable performance you laid out at the hands of Black Death is but a fragment of your true potential. April is just a measly thorn in the way, the little smite of pathetic dust you’ll need to wipe off your glorious slate. She is an abominable hindrance and should be eradicated from your life. She obviously does not deserve a being of such power and might! However, I can help you with that, Jake. I am the higher power you seek and you are the fortunate soul I am offering my pact to. If we work together, you could have anything you ever wanted, anything!”

Jake bolted up, his skin pale as the shade of a wandering ghost and my entire body drenched in a pit of cold sweat. He put a shivering hand to his forehead. Even through the numbness, it was unmistakably hot as if someone had bound is brain into the wrath of a raging inferno. Yet, his bloodshot eyes only met the tranquil darkness of the night which felt eerily inviting.

It had only been two days since Jake last saw April’s face, something he coveted so deeply without reason. Amidst the despair as his relentless tears trickled down his face, his swelled eyes could barely make out a distorted figure of the girl he had wronged disappearing into oblivion, yet the portrayal of her recession was imprinted crystal clear in his mind. How he had degenerated to such a pitiful state in such a short amount of time was truly phenomenal.

“Give it a thought…Jake…give it a thought…”

In the midst of his shock and confusion Jake merely dismissed the resounding voice booming in my head as a nightmare, yet disinclined as he was to heed its enigmatic words, he was beginning to find it strangely appealing the more he mused. Was it a mere representation of his fears since he encountered Black Death, or did it have a more significant meaning past the pointless words? As chivalrous as Jake would liked to have imagined himself to be, his perturbing experiences with the leader of the organisation had unveiled an immense timidity in my heart. He sought to cover up this weakness with abhorrence, but it came to his apprehension that if he were to meet him again he would only shroud away, petrified like a cornered mouse in a checkmate.

Jake glanced at his watch and sighed- the black dots beneath the luminous plastic casing moulded a depressing 2.30am. His body was weary and revolted in protest for more sleep, yet he did not have the liberty of rest. The creepy voice had been a recurring torture for him and it appeared to indulge daunting him with the same words over and over again. Granting him a peace of mind was probably the last option it would offer, a fervent wish it appeared to be intentionally neglecting him of.

Till Jake thought of something more procreative to do, he would just have to wait in solemn torment as the seconds maliciously crept by like a snail.

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