Nuuuu Maple!

Normally I don’t use two word titles. One word titles are better in my opinion But this blog is so…bloggy, that I have assigned it a two word title! Yes, it is THAT bloggy. First, I have to say one thing:

D*mn you MapleStory, d*mn you!!!!





*falls over dead from gunshot wound, arrow wound, throwing star wound, and sword wound*

*inspects my dead body*

Yay, my bandits haven’t betrayed me!

Yeah, I know a lot of MMO Talers play MS. I’ve played it before, quit, played it again, and recently quit again to go to FlyFF. If you want to know more about FlyFF, go to my MMOid and check up my blogs. Yeah (I think it is the Dead… one, or maybe the one b4 that).
So why do I curse MapleStory? That game has yet again drawn another hapless nerd back into its vertex of evil. EVIL!!!

. . .

Yeah. Anyways, I got from level 24 to 36 in FlyFF. Pretty good, and a normal player would have continued. But still, in my heart I know FlyFF wasn’t meant for me. My mind ached, but I tried to shut it out. I just didn’t want to go back to MapleStory. Not back to all those flamers, noobs, KSers, and jerks. But eventually, a few things finally pushed me back to that MMORPG called MapleStory.

Gameplay is okay. But the part that really made me quit was the constant grind and grind and grind. In reality, I realize all I have to do is PQ and such (LMPQ). OPQ is off limits because off all those sh*tty Glitchers (who I despise but slightly envy). But man, at least it feels like you control your character. You set your guild. Go to your buddy list, and chat. You set your own key config (or use the default one). It’s really nice, but as the saying goes:
“You don’t know what you’ve got until its gone.”
Also, there’s a new patch and I wanna see what came out. Man…

MapleStory is 2D. For some people, that’s nubbish. But for me, it’s the thing that makes MapleStory great. And those cartoonish characters are nice too. The skills are fun, even though the leveling isn’t really worth it. In the end, MapleStory’s graphics turn out to be a minor factor too.

Basilmarket The MapleStory auctioning site/forum/screen thing. A great site. After I quit Maple, I tried to quit Basil. But I just couldn’t do it. I lurked in the forums and looked at the screens (mostly comics such as Maple Oblivion). But because I wasn’t able to quit basil, I was constantly reminded of MS. So basil also helped.

Friends and Guild
My friends and my guild helped meh. First, all my friends stayed in MS and didn’t go to FlyFF, leaving me stranded. I got ‘MS-sick’ and really wanted to go back. And I didn’t want to quit my dying guild either. It was already short on members! I just couldn’t leave them. The tipping point came when my level 33 spearman friend traded his maple soul singer and 100k for an average kandine, the level 70 luk dagger. As a level 65 dit, I always wanted one. Now that I have one, I was drawn to do something, not let his sacrifice go to waste.

As a side note, BS and many comics on basil also helped motivate me. Lookey coolio! Oh yeah.








*fancy effects*

Oh yeah, and two last things:

I support Maple Kombat by Dray86 on YouTube. Check it out, it’s awesome.

I need you guys to like this blog so more people look at it.

And there’s my level 70 hopeful pic on Bannedstory 3.0

Toodles! I’m off to play MS!

8 thoughts on “Nuuuu Maple!”

  1. Yeah I have not played a online game in months so I might have this happen to me. Then again xbox360 will probably put a stop to any competitors for my life errrr my free time.

  2. NobodyNight said: “Yeah I have not played a online game in months so I might have this happen to me. Then again xbox360 will probably put a stop to any competitors for my life errrr my free time.”


  3. Here’s some pictures to motivate you
    link <– mesos explosion total dmg = 459,969 dmg.
    FYI each sack is 3,333 mesos.
    4th job pictures nao
    link <– 4th job lvl 8 assasinate,95,341 dmg.
    link <– 4th job boomberang.

  4. I finally got to 3rd job after 2 long years +beta ^_^. I finally have double exp

  5. Oh man, I know what you mean.
    I can’t even count how many times I’ve tried to quit MapleStory. Each time, I ended up going back. It’s like a drug. >_>

    They should have something like Alcoholics Anonymous, but for Maple addicts.

    Maplers Anonymous.

    Something like that.

  6. Muhahahaha! Anouther victum has falled pray to Maple Story’s addictiveness! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA~! >=D

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