Nexon Vs Nexon

No, I’m not stupid.

No, I didn’t make a typing mistake.

Yes, I am talking about the evil North American Nexon vs the other North American Nexon.

Anyways, I also say Happy Birthday to MMO Tales, like Dest. Can’t believe 34 people are still around on this site. I also can’t believe MMO Tales is two years old.

But I’m getting distracted.

Nexon (MS) vs Nexon (Mabinogi) blog: Begin!

Sir, we don’t have your lines yet.

Oh…stupid writers.

To stall, I should give you random tidbits of info.

I like oranges.


That picture is for the pirate class in MS. Left=gunslinger. Right=Infighter.

Also, I prefer the Wii’s SSBB over any other game console’s game.

In addition, where is NobodyNight’s KLON gone? Wonder when he’ll post another one.

And finally, most scarring to you readers of this blog…

Sir, we’re finished with the blog.

Oh, never mind then.

As many of you liked the Lab format from Tespia, I will…

…Certainly not be using that format. I can’t keep using it, that would make it lose its original quality!

Besides, Nexon Vs Nexon is not a good Lab.

However, we shall be using another common format.

It is called:

Lincoln Douglas Format!

Made from a series of debates in 1857 for the Illinois Senatorial election. They debated about the main issue of the day: Slavery. Douglas won the Senatorial race in 1858, but Lincoln won the Presidency in 1860. Okay, enough of the backround.

Aff (Nexon)
1. Constructive (build up why your side is better) (6 min)
Neg (Nexon)
2. Cross-Examination (attack on Aff’s Constructive) (3 min)
3. Constructive (7 min)
Aff (Nexon)
4. Cross-Examination (attack on Neg’s Constructive) (3 min)
5. Rebuttal A (Defend your case from Aff’s Cross-Ex) (4 min)
Neg (Nexon)
6. Rebuttal (Defend your case, make closing argument, point out stuff) (7 min)
Aff (Nexon)
7.Rebuttal B (Defend your case again, make closing argument, point out stuff) (4 min)

For the sake of annoying you, here’s a better L-D Description Format.


Oh, I’ve just been informed that many don’t like long debates to keep them bored.

I’ll just list the points.

Debate: BEGIN!!

MapleStory is better because…
1. We have unique graphics (2D).
2. We’re addicting!
3. Our game is endless, you don’t need to worry about slamming into a stop.
4. We have 4 great job classes.
5. A large community.
Join now!

Well, Maple ain’t so good…
1. Unique doesn’t mean better.
2. Addicting can lead to mental disabilities, and loss of life and sanity. Also leads to black holes.
3. Endless it isn’t. Even if we agree, it still gets boring, because it seems you can never seem close to ending, to finishing. Also, level 200 is technically the end.
4. 4 job classes means you are restricted to the class you choose.
5. Your community is part good, but mostly filled with mean, insensitive jerks like NX wh0res, KSers, scammers, hackers, and generally mean people.

Now Mabinogi on the other hand is better because…
1. A small, respectable community who care for each other.
2. An interactive fighting style.
3. Not another grinding game, but an amazing fantasy life without limits (like instrument playing).
4. No job classes, so you can easily go hybrid or switch.
5. Ever-changing dungeons.

Mabinogi isn’t so good anyways.
1. Smaller isn’t necessarily better.
2. Interactive, but you have to charge up. You can’t just press a button and have the attack take place you have to wait.
3. To gain AP for your fantasy life skills, you still have to grind.
4. But you can’t really focus as well.
5. Ever-hardening dungeons more like.

MapleStory isn’t as bad as you say it is!
1. With our 2D graphics, they allow a type of gameplay no 3D game can match.
2. Only a few crazy people actually lose their life to MapleStory. 72 million people throughout all the versions, and only a few examples? That must be a good ratio.
3. 200 is the end, but it takes a while to get there. Then you can have fun, show off, etc.
4. 4 job classes mean you can have skills many other classes envy, like warriors to the hermit’s flash jump. It also allows you to focus.
5. Many Maplers are nice! MapleStory’s community isn’t devoid of kind people. How dare you accuse us of that!
As we are running out of time…
Closing statement: We have unique graphics, are addictive, are endless, have job classes, and have a good community. Happy Mapling!

Mabinogi rules! Here’s why:
1. Oh, but smaller isn’t always better, but in our case it is. Our community is a lot more tight-knit, and kind than yours. You are the miserable city life, we are the happy small village with computers and electricity!
2. Actually, for regular attack you can just charge. Besides, we find it unrealistic if you can just keep spamming the same skill without needing to charge up for a more powerful hit.
3. Ah, but you can impress others with your skills, which you are too afraid to attack. And you can just dungeon-quest to get the AP points.
4. You can focus fine, in fact, with ever more focus because you know you can switch any time if you want.
5. Not really. The dungeons are ever-changing, quite interactive, and there are no lines.
Closing Statement:
Mabinogi has a close, small community, an interactive fighting style, many fantasy-life-like skills, no job classes for more flexibility, and ever-changing dungeons. Join Mabinogi today!

So who wins?

It’s up to you.

If you vote for Nexon, press the ‘Like’ in the ‘Click here if you enjoyed this blog.’ button down there. If you vote for the other Nexon, press the ‘If’ in the ‘Click here if you enjoyed this blog.’ button. If you dislike both Nexon and Nexon, press the thumbs up of the ‘Click here if you enjoyed this blog.’ button and drag an MMO Tale buddy over and force him to click the ‘I like it.’ button.
Also, please try to comment.
Thank you!


Edit: Wait, there is no ‘I liked it.’ button…Who replaced it with a ‘Click here if you enjoyed this blog?’ Well, I editted it out.

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  4. what, Lincoln did NOT win the election of 1960. He was a century before…

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