Life + Hackers =…

Well, what does it equal?
How could you expect me to know? I’m just a guy!
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Ah, life. It is terrible, yet wonderful, and all that’s in between. But what is its purpose? This time, I’ll use my scientific dictionary:

Science said: “…Life’s purpose is to survive and reproduce.”

Bleh, that’s a boring definition. For all other types of life, this would suffice. But I am human (and part alien), so I cannot have this be my purpose. Too boring. Let’s take a look inside my head:


/put head back together.

Okay, I’ll just say what’s on my mind.

No need to look at my mind to see what’s actually on it.


Pod’s thoughts said: “Life’s purpose must be to have fun! Why else would there be MapleStory and other games?”

Why indeed? I think I make an excellent point. So we turn to MMORPGs for fun. Others turn to farming. Still others to working and watching TV. And a few people with too much time on their hands write blogs on Blog sites, with the top MMO one being MMO Tales. w00t? I am sad for some odd reason. Oh yeah, dray86 hasn’t made MapleKombatVI yet, so I remain sad. =(
Luckily, we have something to cheer us up!


Oops, I wrote the wrong thing. I meant:


Strange title, eh? But of course, there will never be pure happiness. Something or someone always has to come along to ruin it *cough Kitsch with all his like-its cough*. But how could you ruin MapleStory if you’ve already become used to the regular grinding, leveling, NX wh0res, PG hackers, map robbers, crazy sins, immature losers, glitchers, and GMs who don’t ban?

So what else could go wrong?

Never, ever, EVER ask something like that. You will be totally screwed over. I fricking mean in. Last week, I asked myself that. My grades were falling, I was losing MS motivation, my buddies had all out-leveled me, and my real life friends were far ahead of me.

Of course, with my reputation, something always goes wrong. It’s like I’m the Earth’s spittoon.

What went wrong this time?

Once you get used to them, something else pops up. So annoying. Anyways, what had they done this time? They already taken our maps, scammed us, used mega fames/defames, leveled illegitly making it seem all our efforts were in vain, and had labeled Maple as Hacker Training Center.

There are a few problems with that last paragraph. The prime one is that it is not they as in the small script kiddies who did this, it is The Group.

What is The Group? Basically a close knit group of pro hackers. The ones behind the hacks, who actually made them. So, you ask, what have they done this time?

If you’ve been on MS, you’ll know.
Same with Basil.

For all those who don’t know, it is worse than we ever expected. The MapleStory GMs saw that I was leveling, and decided to eliminate my source of motivation.

My Guild

They sent The Group to attack, to destroy, and to cause ruin everywhere. They spread like a plague, from place to place. What did they do? They literally annihilated the guilds like a flamethrower to a toothpick. A Group member would use this hack, and force somebody to leave the guild. Somehow, this disbanded it. You don’t need to be in the guild, or even within the sight range of the victim. All the hacker has to do is be in the same map as the victim.

It seems that the first target was Windia. Or Khaini. I’m not sure, because it spread so quickly

Well, all of the worlds were ripe first targets. Full of pros, and happy guys, generally trustworthy.

The obvious starting place was the Free Market, Channel One. It was a massacre.
“what? WHERE’S MY GUILD?!?!?”
“Psh, STFU!!”

I got this on account of a friend, who also lost his guild. I feel so sorry for him. After that, the hacker moved throughout the FM, grilling the people in the shops and those setting them up. Next choice was easy. Henesys and its hunting ground. Only got two quotes from one guy.

“TY!! Thanks for inviting meh to guild.”
/enable people running in circles

After firing a rocket at Windia’s guilds, they machine-gunned Bera’s, summoned a tank to kill Scania, and then moved onto Broa. I couldn’t believe it. It was terrible!! I lost my frickin guild! NOW HOW WILL I LEVEL? AND HOW SHALL I EVER ENJOY MAPLE AGAIN??!? GUILDS WERE THE ONLY THING THAT MADE IT FUN!! MY BUDDY LIST IS ALMOST DEAD!! AUGHAUSHUDFJASDFJAOSDFJOLJOj!!!!
Sorry. But to put it bluntly, they put down an artillery strike on the guilds of Broa. They chucked a grenade at Bello, and got ready to bomb the rest of the guilds.

And who do we have to rely on? The GMs? No way, everyone knows they’re just super hackers who just ban hackers to keep the hacker population and economy in check.
Our current situation is like the Titantic. Panic, chaos, doom, and death. The only safety you can take is to not log on, warn everyone, kick everyone from guild, or something as massive. So I think it would be appropriate to say this infamous line:
“Houston, we have a problem.”

Now press that little button there, close your eyes for 7 seconds because 7=lucky #. Press the ‘Page Down’ button, then press the link there. And you shall get your prize. =)


P.S. In other words, my bandit is stuck at 67 and my spearman at 36.


10 thoughts on “Life + Hackers =…”

  1. Khaini was first, if I’m not mistaken. One of the first threads on Basil (at least, the first one I saw) was titled “Massive Guild Hack on Khaini”. It was deleted though.

    I so painstakingly set a guild notice directing to a BBS post that clearly explained what was necessary to do in order to preserve the guild… and then when I log on the next day, it’s gone.

    So much for all my efforts.

  2. Lmao. Those guild hackers sound hilarious. I’d get on and have some fun if I could actually get on Maple. Or care enough to even try. >_>

    Edit: Wouldn’t be funny if it happened to Applebomb!

  3. Wow,wonder who so crazy make such a lame hectic hack.
    I saw it in the maplesea’s forums and though it was some kind of prank LOL.

  4. ipod123432 said: “Something or someone always has to come along to ruin it *cough Kitsch with all his like-its cough*.”


    Why does everyone think I’m a guy? Srsly.

  5. I heard it’s packet editing?
    Which is pretty stupid, because it’s illegal. And I don’t mean against the ToS, I mean like, actually illegal.

    Some jail dude : Hey, what’re ya in for?
    Hacker : Oh, I hacked MapleStory.


  6. Tell me about it, I barley talk on MS anymore because of guild hack. I just train, train, train.

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