First, before I ever begin my blog, I say Shtink. Funny word, isn’t it? Just made it up. What it means? Good question. What does Shtink mean? o.0″ What, I don’t know! You guys press the like it button and come up with a meaning. Meh. -_- So onto the blog!

Neh, I don’t feel like it.
*hears the sound of no likes*
Okay, okay, I’ll start. Pic is me being a sin so this is maple-related.
But right now, I’m so confuzzled.
Where shall I begin? (Oh yeah, I’m not gonna make this very long so MasterCheeze actually reads it.)

Okay, that was a trick. I have to say, What The *@! Is wrong with you readers? What am I talking about? My last blog: Devil’s Digit (go read it and like it, meh). I noticed it got 11 likes. At first, I was happily surprised, thinking that my little trick worked (Muhahahahaha!!!). But then I came around to the slow realization that you MMO Talers actually liked the story of my suffering! Okay, some people got fooled by my trick. If you got fooled, press the ‘I like it.’ to show it. If you didn’t get fooled, press the ‘I liked it.’ button because that means you really liked it, and make a comment. Isn’t that a great poll?

Nevermind, just remembered why I’m so Confuzzled.

Two reasons: MMORPGs and Numbers

I’ll start with the MMORPGs, so you guys can get bored, read Numbers, get happy again, and genuinely like this blog.

Okay, I don’t really have a problem with all MMORPGs, but MapleStory . . . is a different story. Hehe, Maple Story, different story? Meh, you guys stink.
Anyways, I leveled in MS (lvl 66 FTW!!! Wrote a blog about that, you guys gobbled it up.) I trained for like, 3 hours only to end up at 39.83%. That’s when it finally got to me. Wizet’s real message:

MapleStory is just another grinding game.

Of course, Nexon’s real message was:

Lulz, buy NX pl0x.

D@mn Nexon’s strategy. I hate to say it, but it’s actually pretty clever.
MS looks fun, players get hooked to play.
And play,
And play.
Until they finally realize MS=boring grinding game and . . .
Either quit.
Or buy more NX to fill in the void.
Those who buy NX will eventually run out and quit or something.
Not many out of Maple’s population can skip around those two steps. One example is FangBlade.
*looks around*
*uses Dark Sight*
*gets out after thinks safe*
See, I’m still using MS skills! While typing! *sigh* Global is not for me. I gotta find a test/beta/private server or something.
*Target locked*
Why was I using Dark sight?
Because usually anybody who insults Fa─
*stops monologue*
*falls to ground*
*/turn on ghost talk*
Man, I wish I would stop dying in practically every blog I write. Last one, one before that, one before that . . .

So now that I’m bored of MS, I’m left with only a few choices, all desperate. What to do?

Screw computer games. Game consoles FTW (Brawl?)
Go outside, socialize, and get a life.
Play another computer game.

I chose the third option, because three is a magic number!
Don’t argue with me or I’ll go ghost on ya!
And possess you.
Or just make you go mad and kill yourself.
Hehehe, being a ghost gives meh powas!

So what could I choose? Not much in my mind except MMORPGs:
Hmm . . . FlyFF . . . Gunz . . . Life . . . GE . . . Ragnorok . . . Yeah, that’s it.

Played it already, got bored, too fast leveling, hate 3D graphics, meh. Mini-MS.

Neh, with life you got to do a lot just to get a little done. Not worth it. Minigames are fun though.

No idea what this is.

It’s a game that I don’t care about. Screw it.

Ugh, I hate this because I can never shoot someone, am such a noob, suck at it, and my computer lags so much, forcing me to lead (which I can’t do). Once though, I shot the space behind me where nobody was supposed to be, and d’ya know what happened?
Weird how the world works, isn’t it?

So it was decided, Gunz would be my choice, because I typed the most out for it.
Wait, why am I typing this in the Ma─*slap*
/whisper to self: “Because the readers don’t know yet! Now be quiet and blog.”

Oh yeah, that other section, called:

I started to get the hang of this writing my last blog.
If 6=Devil’s Digit (DD)
7=Lucky Number (LN)
42=Answer to the Universe (Stated by Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)
(Devil’s Digit) X (Lucky Number) = (Answer to the Universe)

I have to say, W.T.F. MATE!!!

Also found out another thing interesting.
(DD)+(LN)=(Unlucky Number)
Weird, isn’t it? But where does the magic three come in?
So that means:
(Magical #)X(Unlucky #)+(Magical #)=(Answer to the Universe)=(Devil’s Digit)X(Lucky #)

Confuzzling. However:
So Magical #=(Even Prime #)+(Unique #)

Weird how this is all interconnected, eh?
1=unique #
2=Only even prime #
3=magic #
6=Devil’s Digit
7=Lucky #
13=Unlucky #
42=Answer to the Universe and Life and Everything

And I now realize why 13 is unlucky. It isn’t a factor of 42, the Answer to the Universe and Life and Everything!
“So are a lot of other numbers . . .”
Okay, that’s it.
—————-“Augh, what are you, BLEH!”—–“AAIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!”——-“HELP ME!!!”—-“SILENCE FOOL!”———
Noob-Off, get those noobs away from you. Noob off, the perfect product. Worth 5,000,000 NX Cash. But get it for only 13 easy payments of 1,236,742. Notice anything suspicious about that number?
Okay, and we’re back. And this is just red paint on my hands, not blood. Oh, and that dagger has always been coated with red. Nothing unusual . . . *growing silence*
Ehehehe. . .
C YA!!

Complaints that this isn’t short?
Well MasterCheeze, I lied.
If anyone likes that (or got tricked), press the button in orange at the bottom of my blog. Your ‘I liked it.’ Enters you for a chance in the lottery that may or may not exist.
Oh yeah, I prefer you guys getting my number of likes stuck on a multiple of 7, 13, and 42 (lol).
And I will be sorely disappointed if it doesn’t get past 7. Seriously. If it doesn’t, my Liked it: Blogs ratio will be ruined! *cries*
*buys a Ganzicus comic, Tales of a Lost World fanfic Chapter, and a Northern Markets fanfic Chapter*


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  1. Ah, well I guess my blogs are losing their quality. Note to self: IMPROVE! And get SilverFx to like it otherwise people won’t like it.

  2. So much for a short story; admire the randomness though. Shtink, I say it’s an Australian kangaroo.

  3. o.o;; the number thing makes sense i guess -looks at time- 40 hours of non – stop computer and going -looks at mirror- and i might need a shower o.o

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