Of Night Foxes and Lanterns

Lessee… Portents of The Coming of Doomsday Checklist

Imppala has rewritten his fanfic, and is planning chapter two already. . . Tick.

Imppala has not gone on a gaming spree during a long weekend break . . . Tick. o.O *World collapsing around head*


Tis true, reader o’mine. . . Mandos is now lv 48! My first level of the year! (Yes, YEAR. YOU READ CORRECTLY.)


The last time I levelled was in the computer labs of my school, so that must be. . . last March. *sweatdrops*

Cripes, that’s almost a year. Then again, maple grinding never held much for me. I get bored easily. Even when I log into Maple, I’d usually chat with guildmates for a while, maybe clear a few mobs, and then log off after a few hours. Mandos’ exp bar was crawling along at a glacial, nay, zero-kelvin pace. Then came Friday, where suddenly the bar shot er, right in a blur of a few hours.

How? Well asked. I’m not sure myself ><. I took a trip to Ludibrium, figuring I might as well clear some of my quests while I was online, since my quest list is gigantically incomplete and most of them seem to start or are started in Ludi.

Right. 100 cogs. This was easy. So easy I ended up staying there for about one hour, relieving the good ol’ days of jump and shoot, the squishy noises monsters make when you hit em and the all too funny squeaky… noises Chronos makes when it dies.


This looks like a good time to give you some background info about myself. My luck at drops is legendary. That is, every time I get an eq drop, or a rare, they should make it a national holiday (By the way, this was established in the days I was actually playing, when I levelled up to 40ish levels entirely in the computer lab of my school. My connection at home was still dial-up. Yes, that far back)

I still remember this time when I finally got an eq drop after a particularly long drought. Guess what it was?

Weapon defense 1 blue jean shorts. Yes, I feel the hate up there.

So yes, proceeded to kill a few more Chronos and when they actually dropped something (I can;t remember what, my memory fails me at the oddest of times.), I exulted via guild chat, which drew some attention from my guildmates. After a few inquiries, I got pointed to lanterns, and told to stay in a map for some time, as that apparently increases the drop rate o.O. Obediently, Mandos trundled to A Night in the Forest, with a bucketload of ramen, fish cakes and a winning smile.

THe spawn rate there is ZOMG. Kill one lantern? Three more appear. Kill one Night Fox? Two more appear. I didn;t even realise it was because there was some guy on the other side killing the same stuff, but even then, the spawn is mobbariffic. It gets so crowded I had to invent interesting jumping patterns to get clear enough to lob some stars into the mob, and half the time I’d hit something else, which joined in the Let’s-all-chase-the-noob-sin craze. Those things also drop a bajillion potions and food, too. I had 70+ warrior pots when I came in. Now I have 90+, even after scarfing one every time it runs out. And the FOOD. Even after the fish cakes run out (doubtful, 50k mesos say my stars will run out first), I still have other mana replenishers.

So in between ramen eating, warrior potion drinking and jumping around in the map killing monsters to work it all off, I failed to notice four hours had mysteriously packed their bags, waved farewell to my lifespan, and proceeded to go wherever spent time goes. Oh, and my exp bar had jumped from 30% to 83%.


So yes, I logged in last night after our guild outing to cap off the exp bar, and now it’s at a wondeful 0.33%. Reminds me of my In the End song parody.

A few sses to go with the blog…

I lied, sue me. =P

This is why I still log into Maple. .. And the anti-climax


I expect to die a horrible death by chicken nuggets when SOMEONE reads this…

This was in the works for a week or so, our guild Incendiary had been planning to meet up. We originally had eight people slated, but two of them couldn’t make it in the eleventh hour, leaving the six of us.

Was supposed to have gone there early, because I wanted to check out Kino for some interesting books, but in the end, due to bad planning, I was almost late.

Me: Dad, can I borrow the camera today?
Dad: It’s not charged, you know?
Me: …

YES. So I charged it for as long as I could, then rushed down to orchard like all the night foxes and lanterns ever spawned in maple were chasing me. Ended up being a few minutes late, but hey, I made it.

Eona, our beloved guild leader, would be late so we decided to head to MOS first and find seats. We thought the place would be packed. Boy, were we wrong. There were seats to spare, and soon everyone was chatting and waiting for Eona to come.

NOW COMES THE FUN PART *readies chicken nugget shield*

Eona IRL is tall. Very VERY tall. Her towering presence dwarves even me, and I’m considered above average in most circles =P. *senses thunderstorm clouds gathering*

But the kicker came when she was trying to match name to face. I think it was because I had borrowed Leaddie’s PSP and was proceeding to whoop the AI in Audition, but she managed to get almost everyone wrong at first try. Chrispy was easy, since his hair was really like the Janus wig, but that’s all she got. Silver was left out of the fun because Eona had met her already. So Stephen, Leaddie and me had to keep straight faces while she was haranguing Stephen about rabbit suits (For the record, that’s Leaddie)

I did have an unfair advantage, considering I knew Silver, I had seen photos of Leaddie on facebook, and as said before, Chrispy was the easiest to guess. But ZOMG it was funny.

I’d actually never been to MOS burger before (no, srsly) so I had to inquire about the ingredients of their chicken teriyaki burger. After a brief exchange, I decreed that the mayonnaise, lettuce, and onions had to go… which left the bread and the meat.


After the staff chased us off, Chrispy had to leave, and we decided to trek to Dhoby Ghaut to ogle people at PC Bunk. Checked out the 190 bpm song, which means you have to press a combination of 11 keys in about 2 seconds… Imbaness.

Zone X beckoned, where it was established that Stephen was king at basketball and that I can;t play KOF to save my life. My free game ended when someone challenged me and won… So that’s liek half a game. Oh well. Leaddie and Stephen went to play Daytona afterwards, while we watched.

We went around Plaza Singapura next, since Stephen needed to buy guitar strings. Checked out some interesting guitars, and gasped at the outrageous prices of some of the instruments. Five thousand dollars for a keyboard (musical one). And don’t get us started about the grand pianos *tries to calculate cost if the whole store caught fire, and fails*

Stephen left soon after, leaving Eona, Silver, Leaddie and me. After a bit more walking around Plaza Singapura, including a memorable stop at Action City, four soft-toy rabbits, a lot of laughing and camera shots, guess where our next destination was?


We found the Discworld art book, and I proceeded to spaz at it, and pulling out different books to correspond to the pictures. They had to drag me out of the comics section though… Eona was hungry *looks guilty*

Had dinner at Long John Silver’s and then the art session commenced, where it was established that

1) I can’t draw for nuts. Or even four nuts.
2) Leaddie’s maple appearance just screams feminity, so any drawing of it will look female too. (Bunny suit + elephant balloon + metrosexual hair + cat slippers…)

We sat there until it was almost 11, and Eona only just caught the last train home, lol. Good times.

Sorry if this all looks a bit rushed (and short. And crappy, etc. X_X), but camp looms. Since I’ve got a new spiffy notebook, watch this space next time for more randomess and chappie 2 of Maple Marauders. I just hope my writer’s Everest doesn’t slam back up again…


Makenaide, ichi no hana

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  1. I will SO THROW CHICKEN NUGGETS AT YOU if you ask me about my height.

  2. WHAAT?! I AM NOT AND DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A FEMALE! *RAWRS!* oh n its bunny slippers, not cat!

  3. SilverFx said: “A picture speaks a thousand words.


    . . I’m sorry, darling, but it does look girly.

    Quite girly

  4. I think my last two braincells blew a fuse when I finished reading your blog.


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