Defamed… again..and again.. and again

Alright so, for SOME reason I attract a lot of idiots on MapleStory.
By a lot, I mean a lot. Like to the point of me getting pissed at the game and logging off for awhile in the middle of a training session.

So, alright. I had some kid come in Free Market where my girlfriend and I were sitting and he starts to call me a “poozi”, which I’m just going to assume means “pussy”, while he thought we were both AFK. We weren’t. He then ran off after I moved. I go outside on a mule and defamed him once. I was going to only defame him once until he opened his immature mouth again. His response to my defame: “stuped hermit cant git no poozi irl feg u date on ms poozi”. This gave me a “lolirl” moment. Seeing as 1) though it’s of no one’s real concern, I’m not a virgin 2) I’m a NL 3) I have a girlfriend, so that rules out the “feg” part 4) I’m far from stupid, graduated at the age of 15. Anyways, soo I defame him some more. Then his friend defames my girlfriend when she was just sitting in the Free Market room, AFK on the phone with me while we talked about the hideous grammar and english of them both. After that he tries to defame us on some random mule. He couldn’t catch me but got my girlfriend. We went to NLC to sit in “our spot” that we usually AFK at and he whispers her talking to her about the whole ordeal. He claims the character I defamed was only a mule yet he whined like it was a main. Why would a mule have 5x fame to begin with? Why would he hide in FM CH1 to avoid being defamed? It made no sense. Then he tried to apologize for his actions. After which he just started cussing in his horrendous english.

K so, two days pass by and I went AFK to nap. I came back and I was 10 fame less than I was before the nap. I didn’t think much of it and just went on with my day. I go AFK again and now that kid mentioned above is defaming me. He got me from 792 to 767. I just lol’d at this all because after he was done I SS’d him harrassing me in my shop and sent it to Nexon. Then I had my girlfriend get on my character while I famed myself back up to 792 and then some. Yay for reaching 800 fame! Oh, by the way, I defamed his “mule” 9 times. 9 times =/= 25.

Next kid: I was just in FM with a shop up and I disconnected. Came back and someone had taken my spot. I didn’t care much, I already sold what I needed to sell. I then went around trying to scroll an overall for my new cleric. Seeing as my girlfriend and I are close, we always AFK together so she was still sitting where I had my shop previously. I went back to her and saw the kid had d/c so I got my spot back. He came in about 5mins later and tried to take it back. Well, he couldn’t because I had it and didn’t put the shop title up yet. I just had it held for a bit while I minimized. I came back and saw he had spammed random letters. I scroll up and see this: ‘yojeremywade’ has dropped ‘iBradly’s’ level of fame.
I lol’d at his ATTEMPT to spam it out of my chatlog. Way to go yojeremywade, way to go. Now I’m not sure if I should defame him or annoy the hell out of him for a bit just for being stupid lol.

Well, to sum this all up: I’ve been defamed just about 100 times JUST this month. Oh look at the date. It’s only the 15th :p. I’m a nice guy and I don’t get why I’m a magnet to all these immature little brats on the game who whine and try to get their way when they don’t. Meh, I do what I can to give back to what little community we actually have left on Broa.

It’s gotten me this far. Level 122, 4th job, and I’ve hit 1 year on my current character though I’ve played since a little after Beta .

Anywho, here is a SS of the most recent defame from yojeremywade. Enjoy a good laugh at his failed attempt to spam the defame from my chatlog!

15 thoughts on “Defamed… again..and again.. and again”

  1. awww. :[ that sucks. i got defamed from this guy once cuz i had a higher fame then my friend, o.o

  2. I remember this sin got pissed at me ’cause I jacked his Steelies

    He defamed me 14 times before I logged off

    I gained all that fame back in 2 days, lmao


  3. Feel sorry for you. Me and this guy were trading fame, and as I was opening his Character thingy, he defames me. Im lyke, what? He said i didnt fame him fast enough. And im lyke, i was about to. And then he ran off saying oops. -.- I got as pissed as you did, cuz by then, i only had 2 fame.

  4. spygirl57 said: “Feel sorry for you. Me and this guy were trading fame, and as I was opening his Character thingy, he defames me. Im lyke, what? He said i didnt fame him fast enough. And im lyke, i was about to. And then he ran off saying oops. -.- I got as pissed as you did, cuz by then, i only had 2 fame.”

    Wow. sad stories maek me cry. ;[

  5. Somehow people like that (noobish and immature and stuffs) gravitate to me IRL.

    And the thing is, you can’t escape from them IRL like you can in games ><;;

  6. Lol. . . once someone defamed me on my newb archer which already had -7 fame, so I said “lol, thanks, i’m collecting defames”.

    Then he F5’d me and logged off, and came back with 8 other characters and famed me back to 0. It was pretty funny =D

    (Got defamed cause I trained on “his” map.)

  7. Darkwar4ever said: “Yeah. ._.

    saddening, it truly is.”

    There were some girls at my old school, and this one day during PE they kept following me around the track and yelling my name and saying strange things to me when I was talking to my friends and I was like, “OMG I’M BEING STALKED BY LEZ PPLZ.” and then when we went to the Commons (our suburban shopping center thing?) they were there too and kept saying weird things ><

    WHY ME. T__T;;

  8. Meh. You shouldn’t have defamed the first idiot. You were kind of asking for it there. But the second guy was kind of stupid. o_o;

    Why do so many people care about fame, anyway? You only need it to 88 to wear a Zakum helmet. o_o;


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