Problems already

Well, I got to level 14 after today, which is kind of unsatisfying since I was aiming for 15. During training I was talking to my other friend, Jamie, who was getting trained by a higher level friend. Suddenly, I felt jealous, and I didn’t like that feeling. The thing about MS is, its childish. The scenery, the font, the monsters; its all very childish and it brings out the kid in me. For some people, thats good, but not for me. I was a HORRID kid, always picking fights, yelling, and throwing tantrums, so when she was getting trained, I envied her. I’m really ashamed of myself because, thats not how its supposed to be, I started over not to level up, but to make friends, be nicer than I was in Bellocan. I kind of feel like I’m going the opposite way that I planned and its disappointing. Hopefully I will lose my competitive nature, because after all, its just a game. But if you know me, its hard, I’m a jealous, sometimes bitchy, and cold person. Hopefully as the Kradia experience goes on this will fade. T_T

Oh btw, since I can do whatever I want on the internet, I’m changing my name! You can all call me Stella now :] Im going to do this a lot so none of you know my real name


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  1. Hey, you can call me James. Only Fpooned knows my real nameĀ… I think. SuperSprite1 too, but he’s my friend irl. ‘Twas revealed to Fpooned when I had MSN set to automatically pop up when the computer was turned on and have my email and password already typed in.

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