“…excercise your own free-will” [Judy]

I’ve decided not to quit but I will be less active, I mean I shall play everyday but for 2 hours a max.
Also, I’ve decided school is first and that means homework before ms [JOY].



I’ve deleted all who have hurt me during my time in ms, this includes mark*

It all started when she started to come back on maple and hang out with us, I never liked her.
And she starts flirting and this and that which pissed me off alot.
Not to mention she already hit on my friend Andrew [who kitty aka l13830 nicknames little kitten]
several times in front of his girlfriend. Ick. Maple Trash much?

I’ve gotten more into debating, bad indie bands, classic rock, and Dan Brown.

I’ve learned to ignore rude comments from random people on ms, i say “**** off”

*** mark- my ex ms husband x]
***nicoel- mark’s ex before me


Today I formed a guild with some friends and my wifey Katie, i’m guild master.
Since I paid for the whoel friggin thing.
Its called BunnyNinjas.
Yes quite mainstream apealing, I know.
I’ve never been master to a guild before, it was awkward but worth the 7mil i spent on it.


Today I sat in the free market enterance talking to my friend Kristy who’s so fun to talk to, and then Mark comes with Nicole by his side, Ick. I literally felt sick to my stomach in real life. I nearly threw up in disgust, okay okay sorry about the graphic descriptions. So as I said I was disgusted I tried to act nice, I honestly TRIED. But alas, my burning passion of hate for her spreaded too quickly…
I ended um calling her a “hoe” a “slut” and etc for the next 30 minutes.
Not to mention I called on my wifey who hated her as well because Nicole had hit on her boyfriend alot.
(note: her boyfriend was ANDREW)
My wifey Katie told me she couldnt come, so I whispered, “Fine don’t help me diss Nicole. GOD I HATE HER”
To my surprise I had whispered this to Shutu, otherwise Nicole.


It was my honest mistake, never meant for her to hear that. >.<
Alas, 10 minutes later dear kitty came on
She knew how I felt and said through her panda, “ashley we all know that mark and nicole are acting like hoes”
and then through my panda I shouted “they shall die together, RIP hoes”.
Mark got annoyed and started yelling at me, but I toldhim to shut it and he did.
He can’t win against me.
After an hour or so of dissing and cursing mark left.
Then Nicole did.
Bitches. I hate them -.-


I’ve realized some people hurt you in this world [ms world too] and that you have to choose the ones who are worth your pain. :]

Hang on in there.


7 thoughts on “Thoughts.”

  1. OH WAIT!


    You are, eleven right? And you, USED TO have a maple hubbie. How long ago was that o_o.

    No offence, just feel kinda weird >.>

    >>NO OFFENCE<<

  2. twelve -.-
    yes and it was funny o.O
    dam thoses mmorpgs with all them pedophiles in it x]

  3. Wait, if you hated Nicole,why have here name on the whisper list thing?

    And when you said flirting, who was she flirting with?


  4. haha sorry guys, about the gender bending o.o
    really annoyed and just blogged it in 5 minutes.

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