Farewell :)

” This age that we live in is doomed, the massive obsession with technology is the foundation to completely destroying the idea of common though” [rawrrbear]

Often trying to but not succeeding, iv’e finally decided to do it…
Quit maplestory.

“Maple is like crack for the socially awkward” [judy] (who is utterly amazing)

I’ve come to agree to this statement completely, people on maplestory are completely obnoxious, egocentric, and just plain rude.

Here are my few reasons for quitting:


Maple usually consists of mostly asians, and the whole sterotype against asians for being racist is true.
God, I’ve met so many asian maplers who are racist, discriminative, obnoxious, egotistic, and more horrible adjectives that I dare not say.
Also, I’m an asian and I daresay I am ashamed of the asian culture right now, we represent our culture and race.
Why spoil it by being rude and nasty to others?!
I suggest if you have something rude to say, do not say it at all


Personally I am struggling to decide whether I classify my self as bisexual.
I’m leaning towards being straight, and am not in hesitation.
Hearing the so called “smegas” say things like, “SPAM [insert ign here] BECAUSE THEYRE GEYYYY!!@@@@”
My best friend Zack is bisexual and my other friend Caleb is too.
I am apaulled by such announcements.

Lack of Freedom of Speech-

Nexon has over time placed swear sensors in all chat areas to accomodate all the young maplers these days.
Yes 2 years ago I was one of those young maplers, although I hadn’t started playing ms regularly since maybe 6 months ago. Also a few nights ago I was ranting about many things; politics and racism mostly. People gathered around me and my friends as we discussed these types of manners. People became angered by my comments such as, “George Bush isn’t the root of America’s problems, it is the people themselves” by this statement I got many “**** you”s and so on. I soon was defamed a decent amount, and so was a peer of mine who agreed with my statement and argued with me. Silly people right?


I’ve come to divide windia into three seperate classes of people.
Class One is the Elite, or otherwise nx hoes.

Class Two is the Norm, which have a little nx and have learned to control their queer obsession with online pixel modifications.

Class Three is the ordinary, which are people without nx.

In my personal opinion i love the third class, they are kind and friendly and above all just generally nice.
The Norm is somewhat snobbish.
The ELITE, oh gee how do I say it…THEY’RE HORRIBLE.
They think everyone wants to be their friend, and if you have no nx you can’t talk to them.
[egocentric much?]


I had a huge project in school and I wasn’t on for two days, when I logg on again my guild had expelled me [it was a so called elite filled guild], and about half of my buddylist [more specifically the elite on my buddylist] deleted me. So yes I hate nx hoes.


I am quitting ms for those exact reasons above.
Oh and just so you all know, I think its funny what happens when you announce you’re quitting Dx

1. People kiss your ass for your acc
2. People kiss your ass for your items
3. People don’t believe you
4. People tell you ur a faggot and should stop playing ms.
[this did happen, i got this from a noob for stating my views on war]


space: myspace.com/ilxovefob
aim: irawkyoursocksx3
msn: ashleyapashley95 AT NOSPAM hotmail.com
gmail: ashleyapashley95 AT NOSPAM gmail.com


Farewell Windia
-Ashley [myheartdied]

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7 thoughts on “Farewell :)”

  1. I could totally be a NX ho if I wanted. I have money now. >D

    But then again, I want a car that doesn’t leave me hanging. TRADE IN!@%@#%^

  2. JESUS, haha.
    no Quack i’m a girl o.o
    but yea ashley cud be a boy name too [ashley parker angel the rockstar]
    yea but imma girl.

  3. What exactly happened to everyone? Anywho, miss you bunches, hun. Sorry I lose my temper with you all. I hope you’re good.

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