SO bored.

Weeeeell, as the title says, I’m bored. And I leveled earlier today. And I just finished stalking all my friends with another friend. It’s really boring.

It’s fun stalking people. But sometimes they figure out that they’re getting stalked by you when you start going to the place they’re at. *cough*this is the part where you look at my picture*cough* Jenn and I (the friend I was stalking with) were going through my Buddy List to see who we can stalk. I say stalk a lot dont I? From now on the word for stalk is banana. If you dont like bananas then you didnt evovle from monkeys. If I was offending you in anyway sorry. Or am I…? >:] And my friends are really boring to banana. -spazzes out- Sorry. 😡 Banana is a funny word. :] I LOVE YOU BANANAS! <3 Not the stalking banana.

Hmmm, I did level 3 times [lvl 47] since the part 3(?) weeks I hadnt posted. Carvival PQ is fun… NOT REALLY! Dx All you do is kill monsters and knock down totems. YOU KNOW HOW BORING THAT IS?!?!?! HUH?!?! HUH?!?! Ahemm, so anyway… Im 10% right now and I think I might be able to get to 50 by the end of the week. [SPRING BREAK <3]

Hehe, earlier today while I was with Jenn going to Ellinia [we were trying to find random people to stalk but it didnt really work] we decided to play Truth or Dare. There were soke really annoying people who kept bothing us. They were really annoying. Doing NX faces, ect, ect. And in the end this is what happened:

Me: Jenn, truth or Dare?
Jenn: Uhmm, dare
Me: Uhmmm, I dare you to uhm…
Jenn: *F6* …
Mr: Uhhhhhh
Jenn: *more F6s*
Me: I dare t you to… Sing…the lyrics to…. a… HANNAH MONTANA SONG!
Jenn: I odnt know Hannah Montana

And yeah… o_o -awkward silence- So I she ended up saying some lyrics to a Chris Brown song. <3 AND… SHE DOESNT KNOW THE JONAS BROTHERS! </3 I KNOW! GASPGASPPGASP! There was a lot more to it but like, if I put the whole thing on it’d be too long. : p So… Ta ta~ I hope you enjoyed my wonderfully idiotic blog. :]

[i like pie]
And the last 2 pictures are really random.
The last 1 is from a long time ago with my ex.

6 thoughts on “SO bored.”

  1. Twice on fieldtrips,a classmate of mine would usually stalk us during lunch breaks.
    The 1st time,we ditched her in the toilets as she was the last one to enter a empty cubicle,and the 2nd time,we ditched her running through a supermarket.
    Its not that me and my bud are mean,it’s just she talks alot of wierd stuff see,and she makes sure she’s the center of attention.

  2. Psh, Jonas Brothers think they’re all that. The Doodlebops pwn. Google that stuff. It’ll change your life.

  3. That was random. :X
    And I stalk people too. ^_^ But it is never boring, even if they’re training, lol, cause I AM THE ALMIGHTY SOURCE OF AMUSEMENT!

    Ye-eah. >.> That, and I have wonderful friends that spaz along with me.

  4. *bursts into song*

    u get the BEEEEEEEEESSST of both worlds!
    chillin out take it slow’then u rock out hte show!

    i totally did that by memory o_o and i havent even seen hannah montana <.< >.>


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