Self Destruct Episode 0


I’m alive and have a not-so-epic return with a new fan-fic I had just made up after nowhere while in my phase of playing The Orange Box too many times! I won’t be on in any of the new games due to my liking of Xbox Live in my spare time, so don’t ask me to play Mabinogi or Cabal, and I’m talking to you gujju. Also my first name is Wayne if you wanna know because I’m thinking of adding my name for the main characters of new stories. And Dest, LEARN THE TOWEL TRICK TO FIX UR 360!

Self Destruct

Episode 0

Abandoned Laboratories
Ruins of Old Masteria

The facility was old and had little rodents crawling all over the flooring. Wayne, a Private First Class in the Maple Special Operations Corps, was one of those assigned to examine this strange facility. Wayne chuckled through the gas mask he wore.

“Over thirty stories of mysterious labs, hallways, and random rooms,” he said tugging at the sling that held his LX-14 assault rifle. “What do you reckon this place was for?” The Corporal examining the blue print in the dim light scratched her hair for a second.

“This facility could be used for multiple purposes. For all we know, it could be just like the one in 2042,” she replied, slumping into her chair. Wayne removed his gas mask and brushed his sleeve against his forehead. “I read about that. Hard to believe that happened over 50 years ago. Sarge always seemed to believe something like that would happen again.”

“Hey you two! Focus!” the Squad Leader shouted. Wayne turned to face his commanding officer. “Not like anything is going to hurt us here First Sarge. The worst that can happen?” The First Sarge squinted at Wayne. “Just keep mind that we’re on a mission PFC.” Wayne chuckled as he put his gas mask back on, picked up a box of documents and walked towards to MSOC’s research team. What could go wrong? He thought.

A few hours later they began to break up camp and headed for the choppers when they received a radio transmission.

“Whoever you are, you better pack up and get your rear over here soldier,” the officer in charge of the operation ordered through the channel. There was a buzz. The officer turned to a soldier. “Fix the connection will you.” The soldier moved closer to the radio and did a couple of things to the radio that Wayne could not identify from his current position. There was a connection as he recognized Ramirez.

“Requesting assistance! I am currently engaging something that isn’t- Gah!” was all Ramirez said. There was coughing and wheezing that slowly stopped. Afterwards there was a slight sniffing and snorting, but after that there was just plain static.

“Ramirez?! You, Sergeant, go check what the hell just happened to our soldier,” the officer in charge ordered. The sergeant saluted, picked up a gun and walked back inside the labs. Several minutes later he came back reporting, “Sir, Ramirez is- Well he’s dead sir.”

To be continued.

Author Notes- Yeah I rushed. Sue me. And if anyone guesses what the incident in 2042 was I’ll give you a cookie. (Not promised.) ~FireLeo86

12 thoughts on “Self Destruct Episode 0”

  1. What is with all these recent fanfics related to the future, ancient research facilities, guns, mutants/zombies/hostiles, and such? Is there an infestion? Are you all zombies?

    And as for 2042, is it Moscow 2042 by Vladimir Voinovich? Or does it somehow relate to Battlefield 2012. Battlefield 2042?

  2. Wrong and didn’t you read the book on recent fan-fic ideas? Guns and futuristic zombie/mutants/evil beings/cookies are the latest thing. And you get no cookie! You got it wrong.

  3. Is the reference to 2042 my FEAR, seeing as it also incorporates an ancient research facility that was aquired by Maple Forces?
    Sounds like the start of something, FireLeo.

    ~Lily x33.

  4. I think the 2042 is referencing 1.) our current millenium and 2.) the answer to life.

  5. FireLeo86 said: “AxiomFable got it right, but I ran out of cookies.

    Yay, I win a cook. . . !
    Demanding compensation!

    ~Lily x33.

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