Zakum Helm

How much can you hire a guild to get a Zakum Helmet for? I was thinking, and i asked a Bishop this, he/she told me (couldnt tell if they were guy or girl lol…) that their guild will do it for 40 mil, if i die at Zakum, they will revive me at the end and i may retrieve my Zakum Helm. I dont know, 40 mil?? Is it worth it? Im with a new guild now, but they dont Zak-run at all, not that its low levels, we have tons of 4th jobs, but i guess the guild leader is too lazy to set it up. I dont know…Anyway, please comment me, how much is a ZHat worth?

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  1. actually, 40m is pretty cheap for a zhelm, just watch for a scamming zak group. i paid 45m for mine, but havent gotten it yet; im going on a run on saturday. and think, its the equivalent of 6 levels of stats. would you pay 40m for 6 extra levels?

    i would.

  2. It’s 3 levels. Average is +15 to all stats, sometimes more or less.

    But yeah 40m is a good deal. It’s also good to check the reliability of the guild, see if they have a good reputation or not.

  3. *aims and shoots*
    why not just KILL Zakum for it?! Wouldn’t it make you feel more proud to have gotten a Z helm for it?
    all you’re doing is making those rich bastards richer

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