The 2nd Incendiary Event- Street fest

The Incendiary Guild Event 2 – Street Fest
Event: Madness
Time: 2pm.
Victims Involved: Eona [F] SilverFx [M] Pbso4 [M] Mandy [M] Holy [F]

Call from Posb,Time 1330…

”Heys Eon,I’m there aready and i m STARVING!!!Is there somewhere i can eat while waiting?”
”There’s J.Co and Doughnut Factory”
”Anywhere with seats!!”
”J.Co then.Go up the escalator,go down the one on your right near Starbucks,then turn left towards Subway and continue down the path.J.Co would be on your right.If you can’t find it,just wander around till you find it.

Call from Mandy,Time 1340…

”’Heys Eon,I’am there aready,and I’am wearing a green shirt!Where are you guys?”
”Oh,Pb got before you,meet him at J.Co. (Repeates same instruction)”

Call for Silver,Time 1345…

”A Silver,where are you arh?”
”Dhoby Ghaut,you leh?”
”That means you are last again!”
”Moans (While the train speakers boomed: Next Stop,City Hall..) A,I next stop City Hall le!Earlier then you!!”
(Grumbling noises)

Call for THE WRONG Holy,Time 1350

”A is this holy?”
(Guy voice)
”Oh ok wrong number”

Call for the CORRECT Holy,Time unknown

”A holy?”
(Girl answers)
”OMG ok it’s you!Last year got a guildie called Holy,and i had his number.And when you gave me yours,I listed you as holy too.So i got 2 holys and i dont know which Holy is Holy.So where are you?”
(Everyone in my phone is named after their nickname which i call them by)
”City Hall,wearing yellow shirt”
”Ok,i comming up le”

The Race Between Time
She dashes out of the train and quickly walked up the stairs.
‘Any moment now before silver pops up.I WONT be last again >O ‘
*Taps card at exit and was about to sprint off to J.Co when…*
A arm stuck out,almost causing her to colide with it.
Well to be exact,Pb ended up at Bread Talk,then went back to the station to meet up with Mandy.
And while thinking about how she was going to run there and not to be the latest,she failed to notice Mandy frantically waving at her from afar and near,even as she was walking past them.

Where you go?I missed you so…We spent the time ……
Ok,so much for that.A few laughts and tears later,it was time to hunt Holy.
And there she was,by the staircase on the left side,our so called meeting point.
But wait,there was a guy near her.
What?She was suppose to come alone,dont tell me she brought Yew (another guildie from KL in malaysia) to the event too.
Standing about 2 meters away,Eon whipped out her phone and started dailing,before staring at the girl.
Someone answered it,but it was not the girl we were looking at.
While this was happening,a group of guys approached the girl and they left.

”Holy,where are you???”
”Wait,i at (not sure what she said,it sounded sth like a bank)”
*Searches nearby bank but found no yellow shirted girl*
”Dont see you leh!”

Awhile later,

”Ok,i walked to Suntect Aready”
(Our meeting point was suppose to be @ City Hall train station at 2pm,group up,head to this big shopping mall called Suntect City,eat,attend the cosfest and do other stuff)
”Y.OO…U…. WEN…TT TO SUNTECT? (Along with mad hysterical laughing)”
”Yar 0_o”
”Omg ,okok we are comming.(Continues laughing cos its funny when you say meet at City Hall,someone can actually walk all the way to suntect and trust me,it takes like a 15-20min walk)”

Then the ebil muffin muffnivore popped out from behind pb’s back.Literally.

So off to Suntect.
And after getting lost because the bridge leading there was taken down and thus we had to go a roundbout to some underpass,we finally found her

AT SUNTECT ._.’ *giggles*

Meanwhile while walking,someone noted that Mandy’s bag… was more then JUST GIGANTIC.
It’s the size of where you stuff a kid inside or something.
What’s inside?You wanna know?

And trust me,you dont want to walk around with it for the whole day.

Who are we!?
”So,you are Eona?” *Points to Eon*
Eon: ”No,i am Silver,that’s Eon” *Points to Silver*
Silver: ”Like hell i am her” *Pokes Eon D: *
”Then.. you are Steven?” *Points to Pb*
Eon: ”Nope,that’s your grandmother,and thats your grandfather” *Points to Pb and Mandy* (sth like that)
<I think she got confused around this point>
(Aniway,i think she got mixed up,cos she was asking me later who < i 4got aready D: > was)

Yay!No more me guessing and getting mixed up over who is who!

Food for Thought
Then came the agurement on what to eat.In the end,we went to Carls Jr.
Most of the tables were full,and there were only 3 empty sets of 2 tables clustered together.
So,Eon went for the nearest,which had the most food left.
God,it’s like a pig ate there.
The chairs were taken away,so Mandy begain pulling some from the other set of 2 tables.
Why not sit there then,since all the chairs are in place,someone suggested.
So off to move to that table.
Then silver spotted a cleaner one lurking at the back.
So to the back it is ._.’

So while eatting,Mandy was slowly helping to Eon’s fries (which she cant finish) while Pb was telling jokes while Eon was wrapping up her other 1/2 of the burger (to eat for later) when she accidentally flip the tray over. ( Cos the burger was on the tray and the tray was at the edge so you know..)

The fries…. Gone.
And so was the salsa D; (AAAAA I NEVER GOT TO EAT THE SALSA D: )

The Call
Holy: ”Eon,Yew wants to talk to you.” *Hands phone over to her*
” (some fake girlish ghey voice answers) ”
Lol,the phone was soon passed around,where everyone heard Yew’s wonderfull gheylish voice.

Street Fest
The street fest was fun,though there were more goths then actual cosplayers.And we kept loosing sight of each other.
And there was this cool dude dressed up as Light’s shimigami.
The music roll,and the cosplay parade started.

The Struggle
While everyone was zooming in on the stage,pb took a shot of Eon.Furious,she tries to grab his phone to delete it.
After several poking, phone passes, a arm twist and other stuff, Eon finally got the phone in her possession.

But Pb had aready offed it.
When it was turned on,the security pin thing came up.

”Dont anyhow key in!It will jam the phone’ Someone blabbered (Something like that)
So Eon begain to key in all sorts of numbers,with Pb frantically screaming away while she does so.
Eventually, he is forced to key in the correct pin.

Now,to deleat it.

*Presses photo button but a quick menue came out*
”Deleat Folder?”
Pb and silver was screaming, and hurriedly cancels the command. (They both got the same hp model)
Eon tries it again, only to end up almost deleting some folder.
What she didn’t know was,that the phone was touch screen ._.’
Eventually she deletes it with the help of silver and returns the phone to Pb,and proceeds to ..


The Shop of HORROR!! D:
The stage event ended,so we went around looking at the small sales booth when Eon spots one from the cosplay shop.
So thus,it was off to the cosplay shop which sold alot more stuff as compared to the tiny booth when…

*Walks past Toys R Rus*

Eon: *Grabs Pb by the left sleve and drags him to Toys R Rus,over to several corners till she found a toy hammer and hits him with it* (Both nearly tripping over each other)
Silver and Mandy caught up,and was talking about stuff when Pb ran off and came back…

*Plonk* A foam sword hits Eon on the head.
Pb had managed to find 2 foam swords lying around.
Eon wrestles with him and manages to obtain one,before furiously stabbing him in all sorts of directions >D
Pb fights back,but Eon played dirty.
She grabbed and held his sword, and furiously rain foam blows on him, both of them shrinking and laughing and god knows.

A little girl so happen to be standing near us.It appeared that she was going to that corner to get something when she saw us.When Pb saw and looked at her,she ran off LOL!

Eventually,the swords was ditched and pb found a toy safety helmet and wore it.
”With this,it will protect me from Eon” He declares.
Eon heard that,walked up to him and gave him a rather huge poke.
Well,it only protects your head,Mandy commented.

Then the terrible 4os found some struddles (I am not sure wad you call it,it’s foam sticks you use at swimming pools and such,they are bendable and you can do all kinds of them with them) and begin battling to the end.
When all were done,they were dumped back into their rightfull place when..
Eon spots tinier struddle things (it’s suppose 2 join the pole struddles togerther to form shapes) and begins wearing them for fun.
Mandy’s hands were to big to fit in them.
Pb was struggling to squish his in so he selected another one when….
Frightened,horrified and scarred from that view,everyone dumped what they were holding in a jifty and ran off to a less bitemarked toy section.

Then,Pb spotted a round beaver plush and begain 2 hug it.
*Puuut* it suddenly uttered.
Everyone stared at him.
Everyone begain grabbing one and started 2 hug them.
But the part where Pb found that out by mistake was classic

(Recently 1 of the guildies had HF&M disease,and thus Eon was aware on the situation)

Sharp pointy things are nice.
A madrush trip to the toilet to wash hands later,we got to the cosplay shop where….
Eon bought herself a Kunai >D (It looks something like a steelie)

And it’s made out of good grade black plastic too.
And it’s EXTREMELY POINTY at the end.

Guess who got to be the victim of it?

Tired, the group was supposed to head down the the local food court for a drink and a break when someone spotted star bucks.
So to star bucks.
But Eon spent her money on her kunai, the remainder was saved for doughnuts later :3
While the rest was purchasing drinks,she suddenly remembered that they had a free flow of water.So off to the stirrers, sugar and all sorts of stuff shelf.She takes a cup,and was about to press the button for some H2o when she spots 2 Milk Jars sitting innocently on the top shelving.
She returns a moment later,with a cup of milk.
Pb was digging in on his mudpie when he saw the cup of milk,and proceeded to get one for himself, despite having a chocolate milkshake. Mandy saw it took, and went to get a cup of water, despite having a black forest drink,and burred himself in his manga 0_o

In the end,the 3 of us went back for more milk and finished the left jug :3

Oh and did i mention?Pb has such a ”terrific accurate aiming”,that the moment he stabbed the straw into the plastic cover of his icy cold beverage,it actually went in about 1/2cm away from the original target,splattering bits of chocolate drink on silver.

Oh yea,to those involed today,can i post this in the guild forum in playpark?Along with the last event’s story? D:
It’s troublesome to retype it to different people,+ i wanna let people how funky we can be >D
(Ish lazy 2 sms D

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