Smuggle me not!

The Dummies Guild to Smuggling
Drop item.
Click exit npc.
Press enter to exit.
Hold loot key.
Btw,once you plugout means you are considered offline.Whatever happens within that time,you wont be aware.
Wireless people,so sorry for you.You cant join in the fun D:

Thats how you smuggle.

Imagine if you could do it.

IMAGINE if you could do it…..

Walk to a park with a pernment marker in hand and draw mustaches/unibrows on people’s face.
Go in a bank and take a huge ward of cash.
Stick ‘Kick Me’ postaids on everyone.
Swab people’s cloths/items ect.
Put a banana infront of someone’s shoe.
Stand infront of someone in a fairy/genie costume.
Change the time around the area.
Go fishing!
Kiss that dream girl of yours at school.
Give a wedgie to that bully.
Paste Stickers! on people and stuff.
Make a ghost costume and wear it and stand infront of a group of small kids during halloween.
Replace someone’s handphone with a gerbil.
Sleep,or do your homework or project that’s due tommorow.



How Incendiary Uses it
Hehehes,nowadays when Incendiary goes for gpq,theres always like 2-3 smugglers there.One would smuggle the Wine (to make the quest faster) and the rest would smuggle whatever they fancied.Someone once managed to smuggle the ultra big spear *Glowy eyes*

And silver?
Well she keeps dc-ing trying so.

Your Implementation
If you have 2 comps-
Leave one on and make it ready to loot.
Use the other and do rush/super rush pq.
Make sure you get a coloured cd (not the cd of the day) and smuggle it out.
Pass it to your other char and go in the pq again.
Continue this.Its better if you got a smuggling friend to help you.
The next day;
*Checks looting char*
Oooo,it has Xnumber of today’s cd.
*Does superrush pq where there are 4 clouders,leader enter lobby and cd smuggler drops the cd*
Stages cleared in a heartbeat.
No one has to hunt the cd

If you have 1 comp-
You could do super rush or rush?Just smuggle clouds/str piece.

In a noob/zombie dead/brainless party-
Loot piece,relog and pretend you dc and smuggle it out.
A free piece for you!

You dont have to actually try out or practice it in the pq itself.
The basic thing is,you need a npc that has a ‘ok’ button to bring you to another map,e.g. Orbis station where the guy at the extreme right of the map will bring you to different stations in maple.
Simply drop 10mesos (remember the amount lefT) click him,place your mouse over any randome town,plugout,click,plugin,loot.

Try it

Comment on what you will do if you got tehh sexy smuggling power in real life!
Imagine if you dced while being plugged out in real life. :’O

8 thoughts on “Smuggle me not!”

  1. That’s why I wouldn’t try it in real life.
    It’s like having to hold your breath while you’re offline, you know. If you accidentally run out of breath while doing something to your worst enemy, bleh. You’d have two choices. Suffocate and disappear off the face of the earth, or breathe in and have someone to answer to x_X
    Btw smuggling is BAD
    When I do rush I always do legit rush. And when I lure HPQ I always do legit lure.
    But eh, smuggling’s the lesser evil with the party-switch glitch PQ around.

  2. Oxygen Tanks!
    If cant afford it,plastic bags filled with air!
    Or urmm

    Sth like that.

  3. Well, ‘snot like Incendiary can’t do a under 20 minutes PQ without smuggling. ^_^

    I’d raid all the Terry Prachett books from Kinokunia!

  4. 0_O You didnt invite me D:
    Well,i rmb a certian gpq *coughts* where someone died in a pile of ghosties.

    Spoons in a blender,you would say

  5. LOL,
    The Dummies Guild to Smuggling hmm?
    guild? WAKAKAKA
    *pokes* nvr get it right do u *wistle*
    zomg? smug in rl? lolz! dats like being able to stop time,
    *thinks of “heros”*

  6. Lol. She’ll never get it right, no matter how many times we tell her. =.=

    Guild = Incendiary
    Guide = that’s the word you’re wanting here.

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