The Wizards Conclave: Prologue

Okay guys, if you find any sloppiness or grammatical errors, please forgive me. It’s been awhile since I’ve written a fully-fledged Story for the MMOTalers

The Wizards Conclave


Lucy Mickensy skipped up the steps into her 8th story apartment room. The room was bare except for a sofa facing a small television set, a prize Lucy’s parents had won in a lottery. Two doors led from the room. In one, there were two beds, one big and one small. Lucy’s parents slept together in the large bed while Lucy slept in the corner on her small sofa-foldout bed.

In the other room was the kitchen and there sat her mother and father, talking to each other in low voices. Lucy skipped into the room, beaming. “Hey mo-”
“Lucy, my dear, your home! Lets go Hugh!” her mother grabbed her hand and pulled her out into the 8th story landing, her father coming right behind her.
“Mom, where are we going?” Lucy shouted as her mother pulled her into the elevator. Her father bounded in behind them and pressed the ‘Floor 1’ button and the elevator started to move down.

Lucy’s mother stood in front of her and knelt down and stared into her eyes.
“Lucy, you must promise your father and me something” she said, her mouth twitching. Lucy nodded, waiting for the response.
“You must promise that if dad or me goes missing, you will not follow us no matter what” A tear slid down her cheek and she brushed it with the back of her hand. Lucy shook her head with difficulty.
“I promise”

Right when those two words came out of her mouth, the doors of the elevator opened up and her parents swept her out, running at full speed to the subway station. They bounded down the steps three-by-three, landing at the bottom and coming face-to-face with a man in a dark cloak.
“Excuse me” he grumbled in a croaky voice. Lucy saw his face and gasped, it looked like molten lava had been poured on it.

Then it started. Laughing. Terrible laughing. Terrible disgusting laughing. The man who they had bumped into had disappeared and the lights of the subway station went out. Lucy held onto her mothers arm, squeezing it hard.
“Its going to be okay…” her mother said un-reassuringly.

Another cackle of laughter, and a light bulb turned on, revealing the most horrifying teenager. His skin was cracked and parched, with scars and bruises all over his face. He wore black robes that hung past his thick leather boots. He had a hat that looked like it was inside-out and his hands. Lucy gasped. His hands were BLACK! Protruding from the gaps where his hands should be was nothing, just blackness in the form of a hand.

“Mr. and Mrs. Mickensy, we meet again, my old friends”
“We are no friends of you!” Mr. Mickensy spat at the teenager
“Oh yes, you’re right.” the teenager advanced, his eyes like coal on a moonless night.

“Mr. and Mrs. Mickensy, I will ask you once and only once: Where is it” he said menacingly. His stride was purposeful and his eyes darted from Lucy’s mother to her father.
“We don’t know!” Mrs. Mickensy screamed, grabbing Lucy’s hand
“Pity…” the teenager sneered.

The Blackman and Lucy’s father stared at each other for another minute, until her father collapsed.
“Hugh!” Jose cried. And with that, the teenager threw a fireball so great it incinerated Jose’s whole body, leave but a pile of ash on top of Hugh’s body.

Lucy looked at her parents, then back at the teenager. But he wasn’t there. There only stood an old man, walking by with a walking stick in his hands. He didn’t even notice the little girl with her two dead parents. Lucy sat there, crying and thinking of the look on their faces when she tried to tell them about her part in the school play.

Well, this is gonna be my new Story I’m gonna write whenever I want, so please no PMing or MSNing or AIMing me asking “WR1T3 N3XT CH4PT3R PL0X”


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  1. When I first saw the tittle I had no idea why , but i was thinking that thsi story was gona be a three part

  2. For a moment I sat here wondering who the hell Jose was, until it finally hit me lol. *whoosh!*

    -=The Nazgul=-

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