MMOTale’s Pla… WTF?!

lol, I just noticed that there are like 4 Blogs out there with the same-relation in the name: “MMOtales Playground”, “mmotales Playground”, “Mmotales Playground”, like what people!? Get some different titles!!! And don’t you think about flamin’ me about mine… It’s original!

MMOTMS (A little Rant)
Well, some of you may know (DarkDragoon, Aaron (<— Whoever that is on MMOT ) and Pheonix (<— 4get who that is too…)) that I was playing MMOTales Playground which is like the BEST Server EVER!!! From good GM’s to the awesome Stat and Pick-Up non-lag you get. I’ve never had a Server like it.

I guess running a Server on Hamachi is good in some parts, but terrible in others. Like the offline time we get We have about 5 hours to play MMOTMS, then David (Darkwar4ever) shuts it off, which I don’t think is very cool (I know its for your bill, so no offense ) We should get a host that’ll keep it on NEARLY 24/7, maybe all night, or all day.

Okay, there’s that done, now onto my “Good Experience” in MMOTMS

Playing MMOTMS!
Well, I only got about 1 1/2 hours to play MMOTMS because of these things that happened to me while I was trying to Logon:
A) First time trying to make a Character my computer froze and had to restart it.
B) Logged in fine, except when I got in-game, my keyboard shutdown (<— Don’t worry people, this was a problem with my KEYBOARD, not the game) and my dad had to go out and buy another Keyboard
C) Its a freaking school night, so I had to go to bed like 4 hours early because of my stupid parents
Yeah, but on the bright side, I got the Level 66 Assassin!! <— Ban meh, I said ass[b]ass[/i]in

Yeah, so I started out at like… The first Level (1) and I went into that stupid lil’ training area that’s soooo annoying to walk through, I killed one of those Mobs that have the “CTRL” things about it, which get a bit annoying, and BAM, lvl 9 lol I’m like “SHIZ!” so I went and killed a little Snail and BAM, “10” so I went to Kerning City and accidentally put my Stats in the wrong one

Instead of putting all of ’em in DEX and LUK, I put ’em in LUK and INT rofl. So David had to reset my Stats (Thanks btw) and then I put the Stats all good. Then, ROGUE!!! or… THIEF!!! or w/e you call it So yeah, then I went out to like Henesys or wherever I went (I forget…) and trained there, till I was like 39, then I went and got Assassin. Then from there, I was in the Ant Tunnel at those yellow guys (Yes, from 39 – 66 in the Ant Tunnel ) and then got to 66

And that’s where I was left when the Server Shutdown for the night.

So yeah, thanks for reading… I just wanted to Blog again


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  1. Wowoww, too many blogs on MMOTMS, it’s like old. >=O

    Stop posting blogs about MMOTMS for a while plawks.

  2. deathwalker said: “Yeah, I just wanted to Post this one


    We have a mod again?

  3. EYEYEYEYEY! I made the first blog! >:0 It’s miiiiine. Btw, I’M PHOENIX! D:


  4. Oooo, YOUR Phoenix Hey! And love the new NX lol!

    And I hope David can get dedicated. That’d be great.

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