From what I’ve seen…

Hello! ‘Tis I again. I hope you had a good end-a-school thing because mine was less than intended.

Anyway, it seems that the main MMO society is strong, but apparently the barrier is being broken by some people… presumed to be from basilmarket. Least that’s what I’ve been reading. Other than series, series, and more fanfics, there seems to be little that goes on around here (least, for me. Look, I don’t read everything here!). Note that I use the word ‘little’ lightly, since there are a few things that happened.

Runescape’s upgrade graphically has been pretty impressive, by computing standards for a 3D MMORPG that supports a couple hundred thousand people in batches of up to 2000. Though, other people might not be so impressed, in comparison to other games, which is understandable. The July update stated that much of the monthly updates will involve Lumbridge, therefore targeting non-members to a greater extent than usual.

Maplestory? Hah, that game’s so stale to me now it’d break my skull. That doesn’t mean I don’t know of it (though I don’t know of many recent updates, patches, etc.). I’ve still got good memory of many aspects of the game. Unfortunately, 19 channels doesn’t seem to be enough for such a large community. I find that fame, through exploitations of greed and emotion, has lost its original luster and purpose that it was designed for. Damage also seems to be an overwhelming factor, seeing that if you don’t meet THIS standard or THAT standard, you officially suck in the general public (It’s like those signs on amusement park rides which say you have to be THIS tall to ride it).

Puzzle Pirates… hmm… well, the bad news is that poker is evil and underage people shouldn’t play it. Well, Puzzle Pirates seems to bypass this system pretty easily, allowing teens to use the gamblling game. The good news is that I finally GAIN money from high tables rather than lose it. The other bad news is that I’ve been doing a lot of Sea Monster Huntings/ Atlantean Runs and I havn’t gotten much more than raw money, which isn’t that bad, but I feel that I deserve some more than just a thousand or two PoE.

On a final note, Episode 6 of RvB: Reconstruction is pretty shocking to me. Don’t watch it if you havn’t watched the other 100 so episodes before it, because you won’t know what’s going on (but still pretty interesting, ya know?).


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  1. I don’t care if you’re NEXON or WIZET or RUNESCAPE.

    It has ABSOLUTELY NO RELEVANCE to my blog. I have endured long enough of people like you, and time and again, I’ve told countless people: EARN IT.

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