HP Warrior

Well I’ve completely given up on my dexless DK. I go on every now and then to hang out with buddies. Sometimes ill train for 5% and sign off. As of now he is 77%.(almost lvl 80)

In other news I have an HP Warrior which is now lvl 52 with 155XX Hp. I need a cleric or priest that can come with me to gatekeepers. His name is PagePG. I’m currently ilbi hunting at wolf spiders but my cleric friends die to easily and usually end up leaving me stranded. Which is why I’m hoping for a priest to party with.

Incase anyone is wondering I play on Bera. Well class is about to start so I need to end this blog quick.
~The End~


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  1. NICE! my warrior, my highest lvl yet, is named Maninarms, is in bera, and is lvl, 22! And I had him for what, a year and a half? Pityfull,

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