Bera Buddies

Title says it all. I’m in serious need of friends. Most of mine have quit. =/ But that means I have space for new friends. =)
I’m not a very serious gamer, most of the time ill just stay in a town and talk to my guild or buddies. Recently my guild went unstable due to inactiveness and was shutdown. So now I’m left alone with no guild or friends. At the moment I’m questing trying to distract myself from the fact that maple has lost its spark.

If anyone is interested in being one of my buddies my ign is savagei3iovv.
I’ve recently created a dexless warrior in hopes of becoming a DK.

4 thoughts on “Bera Buddies”

  1. Maple lost its spark. Switch to FlyFF, LaWolf.
    Lol, sorry. But I don’t Maple anymore.

    Also, longer blog pl0x.

    ~*insert sig here*

  2. I’ll try to add you.
    My IGN is cut1e, in the guild PinkFlowers
    Erm, try contacting SHISHIMl to join the guild.

  3. Or you can play Cabal, the new game that everyone’s into! Go to the forums that I started!

    -=The Nazgul=-

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