Fun with Flyff job advancement

Fun in the tragic sense of the word…

It all starts one year ago, I saw some blogs about FlyFF and decided to give it a try; but, as I said back then:

myself said: “I started playing FlyFF; it seems cool, but my 3rd job advancement still has the priority.”

Anyways, I reached level 15, time to advance to acrobat. Let’s see, first part: kill 40 aibatt... in 7 minutes!? Are you insane?? I have accuracy problems when using the mouse (how ironic, I always choose the archer class ); I could kill them in 20 minutes >>;. Thankfully, my bro helped here.

Second part: gather 10 twinkle stones, 5 peakyrinds and 1 slain; ok, not too hard, or so I thought. After 30 minutes of massacrating aibatts I figured out the drop system and I got a bit angry. Why does it require something you can’t get?. I could’ve used my other char and then transfer the dreaded stones, but I didn’t feel like it, so I quitted.

But this year I stopped playing MS as much as I did and decided to give it another chance. Meanwhile I found out that job advancement changed; the easier to get items weren’t needed anymore >< (and the mass slaughter of aibatts, which I had already finished, didn’t have a time limit, just my luck).

So I went to my vagrant, collected the stones and tried to transfer. That was when I found out you have to pay real money for a common bank.
My options then were:
Buy them: 30k each??? is that a freaking joke??
Enter a guild and use guild bank: yeah, right.
Ask someone for halp: I was about to do this, in fact; I asked for help in this forums. But something happened.

A girl I met sent me 1 (one) stone by mail (by the way, she insisted that you only needed one); Excellent! I had 3 at the moment -_-. However, this triggered some gears in my brain and I woke up in the middle of the night with a revelation (I get all my revelations while sleeping): I could use mail to transfer the stones from my ‘mule’. Why I didn’t realize this upon receiving the mail remains a mystery.

Part two complete, next in the to-do list was talk to tucani; found him easily thanks to some fansites, but my mind was in a strip club while he was talking so I didn’t listened to anything he said; probably nothing really important.

Having done that, it was time to assasinate Shuraiture (or whatever you spell that) one double-click on a blinkwing later I was speeding towards the east exit of Darkon to meet Death face to face* and found… nuthin’, besides the usual beasts that roam Darkon and could kick my newbie butt without much difficulty.

* I do realize he is as harmless as a newborn kitty on valium, but hey, I was a newbie back then.

So I ran around in circles, relogged, changed channels, tried different exits (even though I, unlike some people *coughsilvercough*, know where east is), danced naked in front of the comp (this ritual solves all of your tech problems, granted), ran in circles a bit more and went to lunch. When I got back, I ran in squares for a while, until an assist told me ‘Shuraiture is over there’ before bathing me in all the pretty lights he could get out of his pixelated self (Why don’t you just say ‘buffed me’??). The rest is boring; kill the monster, talk to the instructor and there’s a new acrobat in town!

But later I started playing MS on private servers and left Flyff aside again; maybe I’ll start playing again sometime.

You told me you wouldn’t use linux because it was difficult
You told me you wouldn’t use linux because games brought trouble
You told me you wouldn’t use linux because there weren’t drivers
And now you use Vista?!

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Translation by meh

Just felt like including that for no reason.

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  1. Ahehe.

    I remember that game for the nekkid buttsecks. And yea, the bank system thing was stupid and pointless, every used mails and just didn’t read the mail until needed.

    I always chose to fly a broom. Seems more realistic to me.

  2. Brooms aren’t any more realistic. Just more historically supported by superstition

  3. For some reason I read “Flyff job” as “blow job”.

    Me thinks I need a break from the internets. My innocent mind is being corrupted.

  4. BlackNazgul said: “ROFL blow job advancement?

    -=The Nazgul=-“


    I wub this family.

  5. pirkid said: “Ahehe.

    I remember that game for the nekkid buttsecks”

    What the, ?

    vicelin said: “For some reason I read “Flyff job” as “blow job”.”

    That reason being u r perv

  6. T_T I know East is to the right!

    . . . I just keep forgetting how to find it on a map. ._.

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