hello little boys, little toys

Le Disko – Shiny Toy Guns

Lately I’ve had motivation to level, and it’s kinda weird. I’ve gained about 20% per day since yesterday, which isn’t bad for me. My friend nate takes me to spiders and lets me mob the bottom, so I’ve been getting pretty good experience from that. Takes me a LONG time to kill them though, with light. But in the end it’s worth it. The motivation comes from a friend that quit. She asked me to get to level 101 for her and be the “pro” she never could be. She quit her priest at level 75 and gave it to a friend, who then moved it to windia. Plus chase is leveling like a mother, almost one level a day at lvl 96.

Stayed home from school today. Didn’t sleep till like 3 am cuz my friend’s ex decided to rant to me about his life. Joy. And I’m too nice to tell him to get on with his life, so of course I listened to him. Blehh.

So since i was at home, I trained for a bit since I was able to use the modem internet. My dad was at work so there was no need to steal wireless from my neighbors. Yay. Started off at gryphons, but then I got bored so I left and went to pirate pq. I’m about half way to getting my hat, huzzah.

My friend kelly logged on, and I’m surprised hell didn’t freeze over. She never comes on during a weekday, only weekends. So I went and APQed with her. Only got a chew. I swear APQ is rigged and set to “don’t let Lyn get more than an apple every 3 months.” Cuz honestly, being married since september and apqing since then, I’ve only gotten about 3 apples.

The chocolates are really starting to piss me off. My ect is filled with them because my bunny just LOVES to pick them up. Oh well, I’ve bee making a lot of chocolate hearts since I’m so prone to dying LOL.

So after APQing, kelly logs off. Nate decided to take me to spiders before his double drop, so I trained there for about an hour or two. Once his double drop started he kicked me out, so I went and stalked Chase. I spent the night following him and his sister around as he finished aqua quests, and his sister hooked him up with a pianus scream from one of her friends who was soloing it. He also picked up a pianus certificate for his 4th job. After that, Michelle, being a bishop, Genesis’d sharks, gobies, and skull fishies and me and chase looted off of her for a good hour. Made about a mil each.

Then, Chase, being at a high from watching Pianus get killed, decided he wanted to go get his Pap medal. So I waited while he and Michelle hunted gate keepers. After that, since Michelle couldn’t hook him up with a Pap party, he went to Leafre with Michelle to leech off of her while he afks and studies. Lovely. I logged after that since I didn’t have anything else to do.

On another note, my “tell dad I wanna move” plan is a bit postphoned, since it’s his birthday tomorrow and I don’t want to spoil it for him. So I’m waiting till after his birthday before I tell him. Hopefully mom’ll understand. She should.

I’ve been in a huge drawing mood lately. I’ve drawn about 4 pictures in the past day. Surprising, because I haven’t really drawn since grade 8. I drew chase’s birthday picture early cuz he was feeling really down and I wanted to cheer him up. Apparently it did, cuz he was in much higher spirits today.

Ahh, I better go to bed. Or else I won’t wake up in the morning and miss yet another day of school. Adieu~

<3 Lyn

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