A hero’s comeback.

Level 71. Perhaps my most perilous level thus far.

It all started two days ago. As a Hermit I barely had to advertise myself to get into a LMPQ party. I went to Channel 1 and got an invite before my screen even got to adjust. Eventually, I was at 95%. Then it hit me. Soon my MPQ days would be over. What on earth was going to happen after that?

TRAINING? I don’t think so.

I quit my party. I made a new one with two friends of mine, one of whom was also level 70 at 98%. He went and suicided a few times so we could level at the same time. Finally, it happened. We hit 71. All was well. I even earned myself a mighty level 4 Shadow Partner.

Our party was disbanded. I went to Channel 1 to go hang out on the boats to Orbis and Ellinia to pass the time, since I couldn’t MPQ anymore and I had no idea what to do with myself. I saw my friend Alice atop the Clocktower recruiting for a party. She invited me but I was forced to deny. I couldn’t get in. Needless to say it was a barrage of F4’ing.

The next day my friend Jas, a level 71 I/L mage, and I decided to hang out. I had 900 NX left and decided to VIP Teleport Rock to his location, since I didn’t feel like taking the boats and waiting half an hour. He was at MDT’s. I was at 16%. Due to inattentiveness, I died. I was at 12%.

After a while, we decided to go train since his 2x was about to start. Back to MDT’s we went. His friend Nandine, a level 77 I/L Mage at 98% joined us. It was her first level in months, she said.

I got to 20%.


Hitting monsters, getting EXP, trudging closer and closer to 72. Truly marvelous.

Oh, I died [again].

Back to 16%.

Deja vu, or what?

I recharge my stars and go back in the Clocktower and Drain a few Teddies to regain my HP, then it’s back to MDT’s I go. Jas is at 70%. Yay. All is well. Nandine died because of lag. She lags very badly, they tell me. She’s back to 94%. Not very well for her.

I get back to 20%. More deja vu.

Jas dies. Back to 64% for him.

More killings later and more DC’s for Nandine, she levels. Lag levels, that is. Due to her close proximity to us and our being in a party, she gained her party EXP and leveled while lagging out.

We lol’d and waited for her to return.

All was well. We F2’d and went back to training. Jas got back to 70%. I got to 24%.

I died.

Back to 20%. Familiar, eh?

Nandine has to go to school after a while. We buddy and she leaves.

Jas and I get bored of training soon after that so we bum around before he sets up his shop in the FM and I decide to go.

The next day I start up again. I decide to head to Hoodoos. I find myself an empty channel while I’m in a party with a level 65 Cleric I met on the boat to Ellinia and met up with again on the train to NLC.

After wandering around trying to find the Hoodoos room for about 20 minutes, we make it. However, it’s occupied. We forgot to CC out of Channel 1. Genius.

We surf separately for an empty room and he finds one at Channel 19. I quickly vroom my way there as fast as I can and we begin our adventure. Bang, 25%. Awesome.

Then he asks me if he should go OPQ.

“Wouldn’t know,” I say, “never done it before.”

He F6’s and I ask if it’s good EXP or not. He says yes, I tell him to go.

I’m left alone in my little Hoodoos room, bored since all I’m doing is standing in the corner throwing my stars, occasionally recasting Booster and Haste, even though I’m not bothering to move.

An 8x Hermit comes into my channel and F5’s while he attempts to KS me. We go at it for about ten minutes. I outdamage him badly. Like me, I assume he was low-dex. He was wearing a Scarab, but also a Green Bamboo Hat, Sauna, and Snowshoes.

He lol’s when my SP disappears, because his is higher than mine (obviously).

He leaves after about five more minutes and I’m once again left alone with my Hoodoos.

28%. Glorious!

Oh, here comes another 8x Hermit. And so the KSing begins anew.

He leaves soon after he comes in, but not long after he’s gone, in comes a 7x Ranger.

He stays for a while, and I grow bored. He leaves and I’m at 30%. I wait for my friend Maggie to come so she can have her own channel, then I make my way to Ludi so I can then go to Herb Town later, where I say I’m going to go Pirate PQ.

And so yesterday, I search for the PPQ area. I can’t find it. Angry I am.

I look for it online, at Hidden Street, at Basil, I CANNOT find it.

I finally find a guide. It tells me where to go. I find it, finally.

After about ten minutes of “Joining PQ,” enough people arrive to have a party of six with all your favorite party skills. Haste, Hyper Body, Heal, Rage, even Holy Symbol.

And so we go.

And so we clear.

After a while I’m at 35%.

I leave after my boyfriend comes over and Maple is closed for the day.

I start today and I PQ twice.

My party is disbanded and I make my way back to Orbis.

I hop on the boat to Ellinia.

I don’t like having my pet out when I don’t need it, so I go to unequip it. Some of my keys have recently changed, so I’m not entirely used to them yet.

Before my Ability button was “A,” and my Skills button was “S,” my Items button was “B,” and my Equips button was “V.”

I changed Items to “D,” and Equips to “F.”

Still a little loose with my fingers, I hit F first then D. I go onto the Cash tab and unequip my pet. Everyone stops moving on the boat. Lag ensues.

Maple is closed.

I restart and am back in Orbis and my kitty is unequipped.

Another ticket is bought.

I get back on the boat. I take out my kitty since everyone else on the boat has a bunny, and I start talking via my kitty, as does everyone else through their bunnies.

I get bored of my kitty and decide to unequip him.

F is pushed first again by accident, then D.

The kitty is unequipped.

Lag ensues.

Maple is closed.

Back in Orbis.

A third ticket is bought.

I’m back on the boat.

The kitty is never taken out.

I make my way to FoG.

I hit 38%.

I grow bored.

I leave.

I do not know how to level.


9 thoughts on “A hero’s comeback.”

  1. LOL! You want my advice? How bout have a good idea of what you’re going to do so you don’t waste time wandering around. Set a % goal, whatever.
    I see your blog, you died several times in one day. How is that possible? You keep yourself low on pots? the monsters too hard for you?
    At this rate you will NEVER level so I hope you change your ways

  2. Nice blog, I like how you have short sentences that are to the point. (:

    Welcome to MMOtales!

    I’m iSPADE, the resident’s crazy blogger.

    Nice t’ meet cha.


  3. Want some adivce from a fellow Mapler? Cover your EXP bar with your skills box thing (You won’t need it much anyway)
    Put on some music! Bored of Grinding? Use the music you put on and Dance to it! Feeling low? Talk to your BL about your day (Yes I mean IRL)
    And if you STILL can’t Train. . . I’m out of Ideas. . . . . Watch some Maple Movies about hermits?

    Welcome to MMOT.


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