As my story continues..

The levels passed me by and I grew further (which I still do).
From one day to another, how I told you that I was level 14 and loved killing slimes, now I’m level 46 killing wraiths will heal and I’m still growing further.
I still love playing and I don’t think it will stop cause now I have more friends which make playing so good.
I even made a video of my character, I don’t know if I’m allowed to post it but here it is anyways:

In the last days alot happened, such as my job advance to cleric where it all started for me.
Now I’m waiting till my time has come to become a priest and help people by healing them which I love.
This isn’t going to be a long blog because I just wanted to tell you that its all going really good.
Sometimes its even going to good, which is actually bad because then I’m playing to much and I get bored really fast.

But this time I just feel its diffrent.

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  1. Thanks, I really appreciate it that people like it because my father said it was ridicoulos.

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