One Shot Wonder: Henesys’ Liberation

Henesys’ Liberation: 1 Encryption

Forest West of Henesys

The emerald green foliage swayed peacefully in the soft breeze as Grier patrolled along the Western border, clad in a blue lumati, her Olympus slung on her back. The sunlight filtered through the canopy, casting a pale green-yellow shine on the hunter. With the soft crunch of dried leaves, Keli appeared ahead of her, also on his guard duty. Traffic coming from the three way road split was thinning out as the day was reaching its end. With a barely audible yawn, Grier unstrung her Olympus and headed wearily back to the West Outpost. She stopped as she saw something flicker in her peripheral vision but when she turned, it was gone. Assuming it to be a pig or the like, she continued her way, leaving behind the Forest West of Henesys.

A Hill West of Henesys Outpost

The outer gates gradually closed, shutting off the town from the monsters outside. Straggling adventurers hurried through the closing gap, fatigued from their training. Tymon sighed as he struggled to shut out the town’s noise, attempting to comprehend the message on the scroll. Maiya was sitting in front of him, silently waiting for his response. Slowly the ranger looked up from the scroll, frowning mildly.
“It is clear that Eyes of Zakum will stop at nothing to claim this town for its own. They have declined our offers of talks and negotiations and stubbornly refuse to answer to our questions.” Tymon muttered bitterly, handing the scroll back to Maiya.
“They are threatening to wage war upon us if we do not submit. No bargaining either, except for a delay of our demise.” He continued turning away from the sniper and setting his gaze upon his cabinet. Carefully, he opened it and removed the Fire Arund from its brace.
“Fifty steel plates, twenty black crystals, sixty garnets and seventy-five thousand mesos for a one day delay.” The ranger recited, methodically stringing the bow up. After he finished he gave a quizzical look at Maiya.
“Do you think we’ll comply.” He asked sharply, giving a salute.
“No, Sir.” Maiya replied, saluting and left the building.

Henesys West Inner Gate

Tanya finished herding the latecomers in and commenced the shutting of the inner gate. Shaman came sprinting up to her, hand on head to stop his Red Hawkeye from falling off. Quite out of breath, he handed a scroll to Tanya.
“Report from West Outpost, Captain Tymon of the Henesys’ Third Guard. It is the latest message received from the guild Eyes of Zakum, Lieutenant Tanya.” The hunter stated, wiping his brow. Tanya’s eyes narrowed as she went down the scroll. She stared at the sweating hunter.
“You still got enough power? Good, head over to the East Gate and warn Natasha about this. Eyes of Zakum may have their majority in the west, but they’re bound to round up their friends.” Tanya reasoned, handing the scroll back. As soon as Shaman was out of sight, the sniper swiveled to her platoon, which was preparing for night sentry.
“Okay men, women, eyes sharp now, we have received confirmation that the Eyes of Zakum have gone hostile. Our job is to keep the city safe so remember that.” She announced, ascending the wall and unslinging her Dark Raven.

Hidden Street An Empty House

Kisha sighed, illuminated by the wavering glow of the lamp. Several figures were positioned around her. The leader of Silver Fire I sighed again, gazing resolutely at the other leaders.
“I’m sure you all know by now that we have a group against us with hostile intentions.” Kisha started slowly, eyeing each of the leaders in turn. Only one person there was not part of a platoon. A shadower called Mikhail, immobile behind Kisha’s back.
“We don’t know exactly when they will strike but we do know that when they do, it won’t just be in one place. Those mages are like Zakum’s arms, everywhere and anywhere, supporting each other and coordinating attacks perfectly.” The bow master continued, folding her arms. The leader of Silver Fire V moved out of the shadows to speak.
“What if they have already attacked? Tanya is not present-“ Marshal exclaimed, only to be cut off by Kisha.
“Silver Fire III is currently guarding the West Gate to relieve the Henesys’ Guards until the Sixth Guard can be assembled.”
Marshal bowed humbling and returned to his spot. Ophelia, leader of Silver Fire VII then stepped up hastily.
“Milady, where is Chief Stan and Athena? I didn’t know we could guard the whole town.”
“They are in Ludibrium on business. And we can’t.”

Henesys’ Liberation: 2 Fortification

Forest West of Henesys

Grier stifled a yawn as dawn broke, the warm golden rays lighting up her face. Meticulously she dressed and strung up her Olympus before meeting at the cafeteria for a quick breakfast before duty. Delphane was on cook duty today. A new recruit from the Henesys’ V Guard, Delphane took any chore as her part for the town. With her stomach satisfied, Grier strode through the outer gates, opened less than an hour before by the early risers of the Guard. Keli was not on patrol yet and Grier could imagine his tired face as he began morning shift. It happened every morning that the hunter found it routine.

Keli would stumbled out with his coffee on the run. There would be a cry of pain as he burnt his lip, then a few mild curse as he became fully awake before he whistled a tune to brighten the morning. She did not have to wait long. As she passed the gate for the third time, there was a cry of pain, followed by a curse. She listened intently. No whistling. Frowning slightly, she headed to where she heard Keli, pushing tree branches and ferns aside.

As she kept wandering off course without any sign of the other hunter, she gave up and turned around. That is when she tripped over a fallen branch. Picking herself up, she muttered darkly, turning to retrieve her dropped bow. As her eyes found the bow, it also found the branch. But it was not a branch, it was a bloodied leg of Keli. Eyes wide, Grier did not bother to scream, no one could hear her out this far anyway.

Pivoting, she began to dash back to the Outpost to tell of her friend’s demise when something punched her in the back. She stumbled and turned around. Then she realized that it was an arrow embedded in her back. Swish. Another arrow impaled Grier. She stood there, not understanding, her fingers disbelievingly touching the stains of red spreading across her lumati. Swish-swish. The helpless hunter staggered back. Her vision began to blur as she sank slowly to the ground.


A story that never left the ground. Please note that FEAR is still continuing, but I am busy as I need to finish up my Science Research Project at the present time. Last of the Shadow Foxes has not been discontinued although it is postponed indefinitely.
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