Um, I’m new to mmo so I’m writing this blog thing to explain and announce I am new to mmotales which is why I’m typing this blog for you to see I’m new to mmotales. This blog ended up being really long but you’d better read it, because you clicked on this blog and I’m never going to let you out, because I’ve got a hammer and I know where your head is and I know how to swing a hammer and how a head is gonna crack from the swing of a hammer.


Well since this thread is related to Maplestory, let me tell you one thing that idiots on Maple really turn things down. I mean you’ve got these 18 year olds who type with proper grammar and have manners and everything, and then you have the young adolescent 10 year olds who don’t always see the proper side of things and don’t understand things as easily.

No no, don’t get me wrong, I’m not stereotyping. But it seems as if the majority of young kids these days are influenced by the media, and society is doing nothing about it. Like Britney Spears, do you think she’s a good role model? Look at her sister, Jamie Spears. Look at what you’ve done, Brit.

Yah, I’m pointing this out because just today I was KPQing with my freshly made archer. Even though 2x exp was on I was too lazy to train so I went hunting for a KPQ instead. Biggest mistake I’ve ever made.

I play on a laptop, and not to show off or anything, but I think I can click pretty fast. So I hunt around for a track, find one, and get together a party. One of these guys, a level 27 sin, whom I will refer to from now on as xxnarutoxninja13513511111xx1e, says, “leder u hav ac?”

I tell him no and he says “go donlode one now google it eesy we mite mis if u dun!”

Okay, first of all, I’m not going to bother with his grammatical errors.

Secondly, who the hell cares about autoclickers? Besides which, I’m pretty sure ac’s have been patched for a while now.

Then, xxnarutoxninja13513511111xx1e says, “omg u fking noob u suk ass!” Then he leaves the party and defames me, so I have something to always cherish this moment by. Yay.

My track was at bonus stage so I rush to channel 1 and invite another sin, level 28, who I will refer to as xxsasukexninjax13566662226969696x.

I’m going to give you 1 guess as to what he says when he joins.

Give up?


Well you might as well, this question is impossible, after all.


Are you this stubborn?

Or is it a sign of perseverance?

I think you should really give up now.

It’s highly unlikely you will answer this question correctly.


I’m going to save you time and.

Tell you the answer.

ANYWAY, he says “leadr do u have ac?!!”

Wow, your guess was probably really off, right?

Come on, be honest.

Okay, lol well at this point I’m just at the annoyed level, I tell him no and he leaves the party and defames me yet again. So now I have 2 defames for me to remember and cherish this moment by. Yippee.

Obviously, I was tired of playing “the nice guy” and retaliated by defaming him back.

He gives me an f5, I give him nothing.

Five minutes later, his fellow guildies, from the guild aznxnarutoxninja3531251, all defame me.

So in the end, I get 7 defames. Woot.

If you think that isn’t as bad as you think, well, you’ve obviously never done a KPQ because that’s where all the idiots breed.

I’m not hating on the anime/manga Naruto, nor am I stereotyping sins, because it seems these days that’s all these kids ever watch are cartoons with violence and referances as to being ninjas.

And if you haven’t realized that sins which can jump and throw stars is the closest thing to resembling a ninja, well, I think you might have skipped a couple years at school, buddy.

I’m just jockin on ya.

Yeah, that’s all I’ve gotta say.

This came out as one hell of a long blog. @____@;

Every person who enjoys reading this blog encourages and supports me in the act of suppressing, destroying, and burning all idiots.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and good night!

15 thoughts on “The IDIOTS THESE DAYS.”

  1. Welcome to MMOT :]

    And the only thing that I have to maybe slightly disagree with you up there, is that not all eighteen-year-olds may type literately, nor do all ten- or thirteen-year-olds type in horrible chatspeak in that. . . manner. -shudder-

  2. Welcome to MMOT, also known as Mental Monsters of Terrorism – Where Insanity is Only the Beginning.

    ShiningWings is actually a gullible 13 year old girl. You can trick her with anything. It’s so funny. ^^ She’s also in lurve with a potato, which she denies, but everyone here knows it’s true.

    Anyways, on the blog . . .Yeah, nublets these days. They multiply like rabbits. They’re everywhere. YOU CAN’T ESCAPE THEM! AGHHHHHHH!

  3. AHEM. Pray ignore that rather thick-skulled liar of an amphibian.


  4. ShiningWings said: “AHEM. Pray ignore that rather thick-skulled liar of an amphibian.


    I’m not a liar. Everyone knows it’s true. Your words imply it even though you haven’t confessed. No one else calls him ‘R’Aure’. At least I haven’t seen anyone.

  5. Lies. I will find the evidence. AND DON’T GO EDITING YOUR POSTS!

    That’s unhonorable. That is, if you have any.

  6. ShiningWings said: “I don’t. I just call him Potato, like everyone else

    I see how it is. You just care about saving your own skin D:

  7. I couldn’t resist.

    Aha! Your words imply that you like ShiningWings! Maybe not quite the “lurve” stage yet, but nearing it!

    Now, to find evidence and make ShiningWings confess. It must be buried deep in the website. Cooperate with me Potato.

    Okay, NOW, I’m really going to sleep or I won’t be able to wake up early enough.

  8. RussetAure said: “

    ShiningWings said: “I don’t. I just call him Potato, like everyone else

    I see how it is. You just care about saving your own skin D:”

    So? Nothing wrong with self-preservation.

  9. Hey, I’m what Willis was talkin’ ’bout, and this is a funny picture I took at work: link

  10. Hai. Welcome to MMOT!
    Make sure to brush your teeth every night!

    Do I get a golden star for that?


  11. Hey there

    I seriously like the way you type and stuff .

    Nuff said .

    *buddies you*

  12. Welcome to MMOT. If you’ve got any sanity left at all, hand it over. Now.


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