[LordIsaac Maple Adventures Episode 0]

Recruits. I need recruits. And lots of ’em. (Kk, not too many.) I’m planning on writing a MapleStory fanfic (hurrah!) which would probably be a comedy. I’m not good and writing actiony cool stuff like all of you guys. Mine is probably either going to be a horror or comedy, with lots of accidental slicing limbs off. =D


I need characters for my story. I’m going to use LordIsaac, obviously, named as “Isaac”, but I’m going to need lots of characters. Sorry if your character is rendered quite useless to the storyline and is killed within one or two episodes by him/herself. Lulz.


Please leave –

Long-term or short-term character (Will be determined by myself though)

Thanks. =D

I wonder what these do…

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  1. Lol, it’s funny how you say you can write both horror or comedy. Those seem like the opposite sides of the spectrum!

    -=The Nazgul=-

  2. Whee!

    Name: Miala
    Gender: Female
    Description: Childish, hyper, loves candy
    Job: Bandit
    Attitude: Always upbeat, very energetic, scares people a lot
    Long-term/short-term: Either is fine by me. o_o

  3. Name: Kaile
    Gender: Male
    Description: Ummm. Whatever you like o.o
    Job: Sin
    Attitude: Ummm. I’m not good with these things >.>
    Long term/short term: Any is fine. Just don’t make me suicide.

  4. :O

    Recruiting in the forHAMS, ‘cuz like, this isn’t MMO-related. ='(
    You must save these comments though! Don’t lose sight of what you have!

  5. Name: Yakov Shin
    Gender: Male
    Description: Your average generic asian man.
    Job: Hermit
    Attitude: Decent towards others.
    Long term/short term: Long.


  6. Name: Andy
    Gender: Male
    Description: A guy with a good outlook on life. But spends his time helping people from obvious trouble.
    Job: Page
    Attitude: Likes to make fun of the other people and is a humorous person

  7. Name: Mister Lee
    Gender: Male
    Description: A guy with a suit on.
    Job: None I guess
    Attitude: Obnoxious, snobby, and annoying. Sneaks up behind women and squeezes their behind parts
    Long-term or short-term character: Long term. Make my head explode lots plox

  8. Name:~ Vicelin
    Gender:~ FEMALE!
    Description:~ I must stress this . . . FEMALE!
    Job:~ Being a FEMALE! A beginner, so she has no job. Make her an obnixious side-character, or whatever you want. Oh, and she only wears blue: link
    Attitude:~ Dislikes it when people can’t tell that she is OBVIOUSLY A FEMALE! Oh, and make her obnixious. Possibly OCD, ADD, ADHD, etc. If I am in the same scene as Dest, I want to be the one who makes his head explode. If I am in a scene with Froggy and he calls me a pervert, I beat him with my leather purse. No exceptions
    Long-term or short-term character:~ Whichever you want me to be? I don’t care

  9. Name Mudkip
    Gender Male
    Description Made out of Epic fail
    Job Kipping mud
    Attitude Emo
    Long-term or short-term character (Will be determined by myself though) Long please =3.

  10. Oooh, purty.

    Name: Ben Dover
    Gender: Male
    Description: Flirts a lot. Likes to call women “sweet thangs”. Tries to sneak peeks at places. Calls other men “perverts.” And Vicelin.
    Job: Nubbie
    Attitude: Melts at the sight of women.
    Long term/short term: Long.

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