Love goes as quick as it comes

Well, here i am. My friend, Erik, IGN NoLuk4MeTyvm, got banned or quit without telling me. No, i should have used boyfriend.

We started out as friends. He hacked, but for a very short time. As soon as i asked him to quit hacking, he quit. We trained together, we talked, we even died together. As soon as we got together, as soon as we admitted we loved each other, he got banned. He logged off, and never came on again. I dont kno what happened.

His sister plays Maple Story, IGN N0Luk4MeTyvm. Ive tryed and tryed again to find her, but no success. No, this isnt one of those cheesy loves that you just get married to show it off and Amoria PQ. This is one of those loves that is burried down deep within your soul. This is one of those loves that, if your couple gets hurt or is sad, you feel that exact pain.

So please, if you kno him, if you kno what happened to him, please tell me. Im so angry, im so depressed, and most of all – im in a deep love for him.

Thank you for listening to my sorrows.

MMO Tales Member – Laura
Maple Story IGN – KilluaArith-

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  1. SilverFx said: “>< Well. You didn’t get any other of his contacts? Not even MSN? ><“

    Never had the time. I was going to ask for his email, but it was too late

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