[Fire+Blood Chapter 1]

Hmm, it seems as if my second fanfic kind of failed. But you know what they say – Try until you succeed.

This will be a series and each story will have a connection to the rest. The story may be confusing, but I’m going to explain the plot more clearly in other chapters.

1400 August 14, 2011

I looked around. I stood in denial. As the desert sand burnt my eyes, I stood. I couldn’t believe that my team was dead. All three of them. Cut, shot, bruised. They were slaughtered by the terrorists. I cursed under my breath. “I won’t let their efforts go to waste,” I thought. “I need to protect the OICW… I can’t let them into enemy hands.”

From what I knew, there were four terrorists. Through my efforts with my team, we killed three of them together. If they successfully stole the OICW and mass produced it for terrorism, they would have utter power over North America… No, the world. “I have to kill the last terrorist.”

I retrieved the OICW and purposely placed it out in the open, in hopes that the terrorist would be stupid enough to go out and snatch it. I ran behind a crate and clicked off the safety of my Parker-Hale 85.

1430 August 14, 2011

I heard something. I waited for somebody to come out.

1500 August 14, 2011

BANG! I put a bullet into the terrorist’s head. Yes! I jumped up, but only to be shot quickly at my shoulder. “Gaghh!” I screamed in agony.

A tall figure walked towards me, but I was not able to see clearly, blurred by the sun and tears of pain. “So, you thought you could outsmart us with your ‘intelligence agency’? Well you are SO WRONG.” He shouted into my ear. He then dragged me onto his truck. He drove poorly on the roads covered with stones. I thought I would die and fall asleep very soon, but I was kept alive with the vibrations beneath me.

Time Unknown, August 14, 2011

I awoke. I looked around the room and tried to get up, but realised that I was tied. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain my shoulder. The memories came rushing back to me. “Steve… Ben… Monica… They’re dead.”

“I see you’re awake. Can you see my face?”

I didn’t want to respond.

“I said, can you see my face?!” putting his face closer to mine. His face was covered with scars, with one noticably across his whole face, from chin, to nose, to ear.

“Ch… Charles?!” I said. It couldn’t have been him.

“Yes, it’s me, John.” As Charles bragged about how his plan was extremely well thought out, I attempted to break free from the ropes.

“… Hah! I sent the message about there only being 4 of us terrorists, but in fact, there were 5 of us! Once again, I prove to be the better soldier than you, John.” By the time he finished his short speech, the ropes on my wrists were cut with a small piece of metal on the floor. Then quickly, I clenched my fist and gave Charles a blow to his nose.

“Ahh! You asshole!” As he cried in pain, I took his knife, cut the ropes on my ankles, grabbed my weapons and armour stashed away carelessly in the corner and made my way to the door. However, I was not able to go far, as I was dizzy due to blood loss and my aching shoulder. I ran out of the building, only to realise that it was nightfall, and I was in a thick forest.

100 August 15, 2011

I hid in the leaves and called the World Defence System, the organization I worked for. “Locate my coordinates and come. Bring backup!” I scoped with my Parker-Hale 85 at the building, hoping that Charles would come running out, giving me a clean shot. However, I was not that lucky.

900 October 29, 2011

“John, we’ve just received information on Charles’s locations. Remember, he took the OICW. We need you to get information on its locations, if he doesn’t have it with him.”

1200 October 29, 2011

I hopped off the helicopter, which dropped me off at a small, isolated island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I looked around me. The sand was a dark shade of grey. The sky was bright blue, and ahead of me was a cave. It was dark inside – I couldn’t see what was in it, but they could see me. I turned on my night vision goggles and proceeded into the deep, dark cave.

I walked very slowly and as softly as possible. Suddenly, I heard a voice from behind me. “Don’t fire, or I’ll shoot you.”

“Charles, why are you doing this?!” questioned I.

“Because, John, once you start killing, you just can’t stop.”

I didn’t understand what he was saying. It was nonsense – How is it possible that you can’t stop killing once you’ve done it? “I’m sorry Charles, I can’t let you live… you’re too much of a threat, and too painful to bear.” I quickly turned around, and with the aid of my night vision goggles, I shot Charles several times in the chest with my FAMAS.

It turns out that he was bluffing. He was completely unarmed, except for a single combat knife. I took away his knife, and put the muzzle of my gun to his forehead. A tear ran down my cheek.

“John… Is this… for the world and humanity?”

“No, Charles. For me.”

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