Yesterday, I actually have known that my friend was a real nice guy.
apparently he has NX and came up to me dressed like an arse mesoranger but its okay, hes my mate. so we training at ludi and training and he says: “hey ara, want me to buy you NX?” and i say: “sure, whatya have in mind?” he quickly replies: “Fungus Scroll maybe? We can SOOOOO show off.” so i said: “sure.”. So i was waiting in the CS for the gift to come and fianlly, here it is FUNgus Scroll NOTE: FUNgus scroll.
i note back ty.

So we use the scroll (i tried to click prtscrn but i didnt aciidently >) and go cc1 in cpq. everyones skilling us for like 10 minutes and then no one skills and all are J>PQ I HAVE TRACK. ( which is an inside joke of my mates) so in my last 15 secs i say i pay mesos for skilling on us. SUDDENLY some wiz appears and starts skilling me so i Trade him “ill give 10k” i say, he replies with 6 mil so i say: “TRADE NOOBY TRADE!” and he closes the window.
that is the first segment of my day so tune in.

I go to Eos Tower for LPQ and alot of peeps are ther J>PQ J>PQ! they say. so i say wow like 10 peeps are joining so i should probably make (note: this is the first time i lead LPQ) party. i make and invite 2 friends and 3 peeps, they say GIMME LEADZORZ OMG NOOBZORZ I ARE IS” so i didnt kick, but i DID suffer.
We start stage 1, and like every lead i just sit back. 1 guy says i got smugged and i say cool good. and we use the smugged passes. Stage 2: we do what we do and unwilling i get to the map i dont wanna get to. i climb and climb till i finally get to the edge and i say: “FINALLY JESUS FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!” so we get all boxes in Stage 2 and pass.
Stage 3: this is what we hate and has no meaning in the PQ we had so its just plain boredom except one D/CED!!!!!!
Stage 4: again we do what we need DS all that crap all we need s im getting to 8.
Stage 8: we climb , climb, climb, climb, climb UNTIL FINALLY we get to the numbers i get no. 1 and the others split we did JMS (please say what are the initials?) and pass in 5 mins. now its Ali pwnage time. (note: i cant hit Ali so…) we hit and we hit and ali is finally summoned.
ALi starts when he does his flipped over pogo stick jump and does me half HP damage. we can kill and we keep fighting i go down to low nums like 17 HP and such but i got my pots ready and suedey. We get him to have 1/5 HP when i realize 2 are already dead and im lvl 37 with 2 sins lvl 40+ and we JUST CANT MAKE IT!!! SO i say: ” gl guys and if we die we know we tried…NOT YOU ASSES KILL HIM!!!” so we finally killed ali. i cant notice where the keys are so one quits game and relogs so i get pissed. so we get to the bonus and i get crap. only MP stuff and SUNRISE DEW!!! (or as i call it “sunrise ew” cause it looks like a head chopped off).

now i ask my friend for another NX gift. he says yes but this the LAST ONE. so i say: ” I want the cute Peng SLips” so he buys and all i say AGAIN is ty.

now i got convinced that he is nice and will buy me summin in NX CS again, so i say: “can i get Bleh emot pl0x0rz?”
he says yea for mesos. so i say: “100k?” and he says: “yea sure” so i get my Bleh face (see Picture) and am all happy bout it.
i go out to the cc1’ed streets of ludi F3ing ( which is where i put Bleh on) all i see. These were pretty much the things that made my day.

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  1. aammmyy said: “Very nice friend indeed. 100k for a facial expression

    he really is

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