Somehow, I’m not impressed.

I think I might consider disbanding guild.

I haven’t played Maple in about a week and it’s not because I’m busy with school (no one can procrastinate homework quite like I can). It’s because everytime I log on, someone finds a new way to irritate me. Which is not to say that I officially hate my Maple friends. I still love most of them (especially the MMOT ones that don’t log on) but I just can’t stand being around them.

So here, while I’m on the brink of quitting for good, I log on to see a level 13 guild member newly added to guild. Now, I’d be lying if I said that I don’t mind low level characters in my guild. In fact, I do mind. I DO mind that juniors will once in a while add their friends’ mules into my guild and think I don’t mind. I do mind low level characters because usually it IS a mule or inactive character. I find it incredibly disrespectful that they think I’ll allow my guild to play storage for their ignored characters.

On top of that, I was not consulted while the person was being invited. No one contacted me (almost all the juniors and regular members have my MSN which I am on literally all day, night, and even while at school). When I asked the junior who added the person if said person was in anyway a significant person (did they know them), of course the junior was AFK. And as ALWAYS, the new person ignored my questions.

They always do. I don’t get that. Back when I wasn’t a guild master, whenever I joined a guild, I NEVER ignored the guild master after I just joined, not even if I was busy or AFK (I’d come back and say ‘hi’). I was too annoyed to stick around long for an answer. As always, someone lost junior privaleges, I can’t stand playing Maple Story for anything but spending time with buddies, but most of them are either gone or getting intolerable. I’m SERIOUSLY considering disbanding and in the event I feel like playing again, I’d make a new guild with stricter guild rules.

I don’t make such tight rules because I’m a cranky jerk (not completely). It’s just impossible making an active, close guild with people who are mules, inactive, people who guild hop, etc.

So as far as MMOs go. I pretty much give up (if anything, just on Djien for now). Unless, things miraculously right themselves, I can’t shake the feeling of frustration everytime I log on and have to deal with people like this. I know I have no right to enforce so much in a game for everyone but they really take the joy, satisfaction and closeness I feel from being a guild master. People and their annoying tendencies on maple have turned me into a bitter, bitter hermit.

The thing is, there’s certain people in guild that I absolutely adore and don’t want to disband for their sakes (DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Mark, Cheezeh, etc.). The best and only thing I can do right now is keep my distance before I go off like a bomb and do a mass telling-off and expulsion.

In other news, I bought the coolest berfday present EVER for someone recently. It’s a plush of the black knight from Monty Python and it has removable limbs. I’m predicting when he’s gonna lose the limbs.

I know you’ve supported me for a long time, somehow I’m not impressed.

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  1. DUDE! It’d be so awesome if I was the only one in my guild.
    A guild so exclusive. . .

  2. My guild was falling apart. I was at the guild HQ in Orbis about to disban with my friend (a loyal member who has stayed with me from the beginning) but we realized that our guild’s half-year anniversary was a week away so we signed off there (it was also before a server check some time in May). Turns out we both completely stopped playing from there and my guild fell apart within a few weeks and went completely inactive for 8 months.

    Now I’m back, and my guild’s doing pretty well. Not as great as before but still alright. The worst part is that 1) I had 55 slots before I “quit” but now I only have 35. 2) I have to pay 5,000,000 mesos to “re-activate” the guild due to it’s inactiveness before I can disband or expand. 3) All my GPQ points were reseted.

    Yeah. Anyway, nobody’s FORCING you to play. If your “friends” are being complete dícks, then do something about it (whatever the hell that would be).

  3. Applebomb, this is a good lesson that will serve you for the rest of your working adult life.
    Life isn’t fair.
    You know that idiot who just joined the company?
    Doesn’t do any work, pesters the crap out of you and then complains when you don’t get the work done?
    Don’t bother going to your boss, he’ll tell you to ‘Deal with it’ and when he says that, it doesn’t mean you should get a chainsaw and rip that ************ up good. I means you have to grit your teeth and ignore that ungrateful prick.
    Luckily, I’m assuming this is your guild i.e. YOU ARE THE (wo)MAN!
    Don’t take crap from no one! If you’ve clearly told them to inform you when they go invite some itch-bay to the guild, then you have every right to get angry and kick that bucking fitch out of the guild. No questions asked. Disrespect is everywhere and if you want something done you need to do it yourself. Of course unless that bucking fitch is your good mate, you’ll just have to give him/her the ‘Talk’ some time and tell him/her to clean up their act. I so sick of people just accepting bad manners. Just because everyone else decides to degrade their lives doesn’t mean you have to follow suit.
    Be PROUD that you’re one of those who want to set the world straight.
    Remember YOU ARE THE MASTER!
    And kudos to that.

    Metrolink, that’s a great way how you re-did the word “complete _____”.

    ~Lily x33.

  4. Yeah. You could be like Eona, and just kick whoever that pisses you off. You ARE the guild leader. They have to be a little scared of you.

  5. Lol silver! But whenever i do that i make sure i take a screenshot of everyone inside,
    Then add them back again,only those selected onces :3
    And i take pirority about bonding rather then activeness first.

  6. Metro: My friends aren’t the ones who are being dumbasses, it’s everyone else (their friends) so it’s pretty much a dilema: I kick out the ‘tards, my friends get mad at me.
    Axiom: I quit the work force to go back to school which is bad ’cause I feel like a kid again despite it being college. I feel like anyone gives me a problem I can go run to the security guard and spread lies about the other person carrying illegal substances or something. Nah, I don’t do that. Maybe. Nah.

    KEVIN: I WOULD NEVER KICK YOU OUT! EVER! I miss you buddy!
    OK so, I decided, the most mature thing to do would be to kick everyone except (to my memory of people who are actually still in guild):
    Me (all chars)
    Lovely Lee Lumps
    Mark, Mark’s friend Frogthing if he’s even still there (they amuse me and who am I to separate lovers?)
    And that’s about it until I remember who else is in there that I don’t mind

    Still doesn’t mean I’m gonna actually play MapleStory.

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