A summary of a year of Maple.

Well after a year of Mapling, I would like to make summary.
I proudly became a multi-mullionaire at level 10 (absouletly no funding) because I had picked an above avergae maple claw, above average maple crossbow (43), and average maple staff (35).
I sold all three at 2m total.

With this good bonus, I started Maple with a lot of my own funding.

4 thoughts on “A summary of a year of Maple.”

  1. Wow, like 3 sentences to summarize a year
    Gee, I use like 500 sentences to summarize a week! XD

  2. I bow down to your awesome summary skills . You must have an A for english .

    But wow . From 2m to mutimillion . Woah .

    And you were dead in here for like close to a year D:

  3. My favourite pasttime – Shopping and EARNING $ out of it >D
    And my record you may ask?207.5M earned,
    IN A DAY >D

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