[Title still tentative] Chapter 1

You have till chapter 2 to think of something better than “Shadows of a Memory”, ’cause it’s about memory or something. I haven’t thought that far ahead. I think as I write. Till then, *Works on chapter 2*

Title Tentative

Chapter 1

“Well, maybe you’ll remember if I knock some sense into you” Snickered Jazmin.

The boy leapt backwards, “Eck”

“Relax, I was only kidding” She said kindly.

He heaved a sigh of relief. He had never fought a battle from what he could remember. The only thing that could be used as a weapon that he was carrying was a fan. Surely a fan couldn’t be used as a weapon.

“I know, let’s go hunting!” She exclaimed.

“Hunting?” He asked.

“You know, killing monsters to become stronger!”

“Nnnggg…” He moaned.

Jazmin dragged him outside the safety of the quiet town, through the luscious forest. The towering trees were a vibrant shade of green, with speckles of rain drops glistening in the sun’s reflection. The air was crisp, it was invigorating. Apart from the scenery, there were also monsters. Bright green tinted slimes happily hopped around the forest. Monkeys chewed on bananas and threw the peels at unsuspecting travelers as a joke. But, that wasn’t where they were going. The boy squirmed as he tried to escape her grasp, but she was too strong for him. She pulled him through a hidden road, which led to a temple of sorts.

The temple appeared old. The rocks it was made up of were crumbling. It didn’t appear sturdy at all, it was a mystery how it was even standing. The boy’s curiosity got the better of him, and a large golem made out of the same stone blocks that the temple was formed with got the better of him and stuck his backside. He yelped in pain, but Jazmin quickly fired an arrow and stuck it down.

“What’s wrong? Can’t you fight?” She asked.

“I… don’t know how” He replied softly.

“You WHAT?” She exclaimed, “This ISN’T happening”

‘I don’t know how…’ The words echoed throughout the boy’s mind. He collapsed physically as he became lost in his mental world. It was dark. There was no lights in the room his mind was creating. But yet somehow, he could see stairways winding every which way leading to an infinite number of doors. He began panicking, but nobody was there to hear he screams. He was alone. He could hear Jazmin’s gentle but hardy voice calling out, but he couldn’t discern where it was coming from. A light flickered from the north-east, somehow drawing him in. He began running towards it. He arrived a few seconds later in front of a glowing door. He reached out to grab the door knob. At the very moment he touched it his mind went black. Then, his basic memories returned to him. Who he was. Everything rushed in too quickly to see, but yet he still understood it all. There was a flash of bright light, as he regained conscious.

“…ke up…” “w…k… p…” “WAKE UP!”

The boy regained conscious to find Jazmin and another fellow guarding him on both sides. This fellow was wearing a black bulky robe with golden star on it. In his hand was a golden wand with magical properties. His hair was long like his own, but it was black instead of red.

“Well, look who’s awake” Laughed the mysterious fellow.

“I remember now” The boy began “My name is Chris”

Taking out the fan in his side pocket, he uttered a few words in the fashion of a spell. Light particles began gathering into pockets above every golem in the temple. He flicked his wrists, and the magic released, showering the golems in a deadly light. Chris collapsed, smiling. That spell had taken a toll onto him. Meanwhile, Jazmin and the other boy watched in awe at his power level.

“It’s over nine thousand!” Exclaimed the boy.

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  1. Anima said: “The only thing that could be used as a weapon that he was carrying was a fan. Surely a fan couldn’t be used as a weapon.”

    Contradiction much?

  2. Well yeah.
    But you don’t say. <blah blah blah> can happen… but that can’t happen could it?

  3. It’s a figure of speech.

    I said “that could be used as a weapon that he was carrying was a fan. Surely a fan couldn’t be used as a weapon”

    How do I insert a youtube video?

    What’s the tag T_T

  4. There is no tag. You post the vid’s URL, and it may or may not work.
    Though certain others may be more knowledgeable on that subject,

  5. Oh and as for the title, think of where your story is going to lead. Name it something that’ll make sense with that.
    Not sure if that helped >_>

  6. Tales of a Lost Soul? No way. It’s gonna cause confusion when I come out with the sequel to my current series, which shall be titled Tales of a Lost Sword.

  7. I know, it should be Ice Covered Road to. . .

    Wait, nvm.

    I know, The Day The Clock Tower Chime- nvm again.

    Ummm, Malice? No wait.


  8. True, if you named it Tales of a Lost Soul, it would be way to close to AznRiceFan’s. But then again, that shouldn’t stop you.

    -=The Nazgul=-

  9. Obviously, Night lol. Howabout, since Chris has remembered everything, “A Shadow in the Past,” assuming that Chris has a dark and troubling past.

    Oh and I didn’t like the 9000 reference. For some reason, I don’t like stories with hit numbers and stuff .

    -=The Nazgul=-

  10. Hah hah. It’s okay, but I had to throw the nine thousand in there for laughs.

    “A Shadow in the Past”. Mmm, How about “Shadows of a Memory”. “SoaM”. Hmm, I’ll think about it.

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