[Anima] 1P #5 : ???

The ??? conceals the title, due to if I said the title the whole joke dies.

Well, this was originally made for a collab my friend is organizing about Basil, but I decided to post it here as a 1P.

It’s used and re-used

*Waits for 5 likes*

6 thoughts on “[Anima] 1P #5 : ???”

  1. Nappa: Vegeta, how many times has our conversation been used as a meme?!

    Vegeta: *crushes Scouter* It’s over 9000!

    Nappa: Hey, was it really necessary to crush the Scouter?

    Goku: Anger Managemeha!

  2. Me three!
    Oh wait, no one said “me too” yet!
    I fail. . .I’m gonna go eat a donut or something. . .

    ~LaZzz. . .

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