Annoying, annoying updates. GO FASTER!

This is basically a “Hai i aliveee” post. My mom told me to meet her at the store today. omgwtdeucesmaaaimMMORPGingomg!

I’ve been playing a lot of Flyff and Nexus War lately. I decided to give Flyff another try (this would be the third time!) after reading a blog about how awesome Flyff is. I told the second friend that suggested it to me about it and he was like, “Flyff is dead.” I start playing and it’s crowded as usual but then I look at everything and….I get it, er, sort of.

I say that because the first time I played Flyff I was completely lost. Of course, at the time I only played Maple Story.

I didn’t manage to find any beginner’s quests (with the exception of some penguin that didn’t seem to take my commands when I entered them) so I wandered around until I found some monsters and I leveled for awhile. That was fun for all of 10 minutes. By then I was just grinding because I wanted my first job change. And I still am. I’m kind of losing my momentum though. I heard Flyff flying is cool. I’ll probably just level up until I get the ability to fly and that’s it.

I’m just not turned on by this game. Perhaps because I get my jollies from MS and PW (incidently, i see Flyff as being a mixture of the two).

It doesn’t help that the Flyff camera does whatever it wants from time to time. I might have only just realized it a while back but I logged in at some point and I realized the camera didn’t chase me anymore. It became completely manual. It may have been because I switched to window mode but it’s been driving me nuts.

I’ve been downloading the Perfect World patcher and it plays annoying tribal music with no way to turn it off.

Some time last week my mother actually said, “ur game sounds prtty srs.” I was like, “lolwut?” For some reason, the music gave her that impression. o.O

In other news:
-An independent is fine too.
-Crazy misanthropic girls who saw into their arms with plastic knives confuse the general public.
-But if she stops only an eighth of a way, then that’s fine too. (I shouldn’t talk about her here! lol)
-My new samsung will be subjected to Lucky Star and/or Haruhi abuse. >=)
-It won’t come for like a week. ;-;
-Sasuke might die. ;-;
-Orochimaru has been kilt ded again (lol spoilers)
-Itachi is pretty hot. *o.o*
-The Coven’s next raid is tonight and I can do magic now! I installed an extension that allows me to save the text logs of all my characters so I can enforce my story with factual evidence! Wow!

Now if only I could do that in class! Haha!

I finally get a screenshot in and THIS is what happens! >=0 Still kyawaii though. =P

4 thoughts on “Annoying, annoying updates. GO FASTER!”

  1. How’d you take a screenshot? And what are you going to be? Did you read some guides? o,0


  2. I took a screenshot using Fraps. I plan to be an acrobat but I might have done it wrong. o_o I read some beginner’s guides, 0.o

  3. I know an easy way all you need to do is press 0 and it automaticly takes a screenshot, then go to Crogram Files click gpotato, click flyff then capture and your good teh go! Oh and at a low lvl you don’t get to do some fun parts of the game so don’t quit and keep lvling up and you will be surpirised of how addicting flyff is ^.^

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