Hello, Comcast!

This isn’t going to be too related to Maplestory, but hey, I can’t think of anything else to blog. You give me a better story.

I just switched from Intermediate to High School (which bothers me… who even has such a messed up grading system as Texas’s ?) :
-Just my experience, not the entire state’s-
Elementary = 1st through 4th grade
Intermediate = 5th through 6th grade
Middle = 7th through 8th

The rest, I’m sure it’s easy enough to guess.
Anywho, I was originally “zoned” to Alief Middle, which I hear is pretty gruesome. I mean, how great can the school named after the school district be ? Not only that, my two-faced friend, (who is so very sneaky) easily convinced me to ask my parents to move to the school he’s going to. So we move across the street.

Turns out:
AT&T doesn’t service across the street = Dial-up
ODMS, my friend’s school, irks. (Wanna know what that means ? Look it up. If I had to today in Language Arts, so do you.)
Someone like me can’t live with dial-up, as pathetic as that may sound. It’s not that I can’t live without internet, it’s just that when I do use it, I want to at least be half as fast as my sister’s brain waves. Isn’t that all we ask for ?

A few weeks ago, I got Comcast.
Hell yeah.

And it relates to Maple because … now I can play !
Not often, since I’m usually working, but bleh. Let’s leave it at a happy ending.

Oh. Did I mention ? Spring Break, woo !
‘Bout thirteen more weeks and it’s summer. Can’t wait to handle that much amount of boring.

Good luck, if global warming doesn’t kill us all off first.

3 thoughts on “Hello, Comcast!”

  1. good luck u dont get swampes with tornadoes and hurricanes.
    That’s America for you: services are crooked and corrupt and the agreements are twisted and designed specially to screw you over

  2. ODMS Object Database Management System
    ODMS ODOCS Data Management Service
    ODMS Operational Data Management System

    . . .?

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