A lot of things to ramble on about.

I am coming.

To realize that life is quite dull without Maple Story.

And how silly innuendos are. For the win, much?

Okay, seriously. Life without Maple is kinda dull. No more writhing in the cesspool, (I’ve used that phrase twice today! Woot!), that is Buddy/Guild chat. Yes, “cesspool” is a derogatory term, (at least in my standards), but oftentimes, derogatory terms gets things done faster, (and better!), than a word that, let’s say, kisses another’s ass.

So, I’ve decided. I’ll go back on… Next week. When I feel like it.

I’ve also come to something else.

That is, to the realization that this site is like a vent-hole. For letting loose what you feel like, and being ensured that you’ll probably get somewhere from the ranting that comes. So it’s a productive activity to partake in every so often.

So aside from my period of retirement of MS, I’ve been slowly dragged into the hell that is reality. Like the coming month. Of March.

Let’s check what’s coming up!

March 1st: FBLA Section @ Magic Mountain!
March 2nd: Piano, Certificate of Mastery, level 7!!


So it’s hell for a weekend. Not to mention school.

I’ll be blunt; I don’t want to do any of this crap. I’d much rather just sit down and chat about random crap in MS. Even if nothing gets done.


Let’s talk about some other things, shall we?


Actually, I’m probably going to start calling it “/b/asilmarket.” That’s how disgusted I am by those who frequent the site. I’m actually amused, to a degree of course, that the Rules of the Internet are actually beginning to apply.

Except for Rule 34 and it’s Citation, of course. Unless it somehow becomes a rampant outgrowth in the ‘Market. Then again, there’s all the doujin people. Can’t forget those people.

Yet I still frequent the site. You might even catch one of my scathing remarks there. If you’re lucky. So who else is going to want to wallow in the cesspool that the users have made?

I haven’t done a lot in my spare time from Maple. Except for Magic Workstation. It’s like Magic Online. Except its F2P, and you have access to every card since Alpha. “What the hell is he talking about?!” you ask?

Magic. The Gathering. The children’s car-, I mean, professional card game that’s existed since 1993! Nowhere near another certain children’s card game!!

So I’ve made some pretty successful decks. A 5-color, mana acceleration Dragon deck. A mono-Red Elemental-Burn deck. A Green-Blue-Black Milling deck. And a White-Blue Ninja-Samurai deck.

I think I’ll make another deck. Any suggestions?


About my comic. If you’ve read it.

I’ll work on it soon. Preferably when Ion releases Banned 3. I don’t like waiting for the online one to load. Although it probably crashes less than the off-line version would. I just hate the loading of thumbnails.

You don’t know what it is? Read it. And begin to fall into a whirlwind of confusion. I think. At least, that’s what a lot of people have said.


It’s more a story than anything else. I might write it out sometime, if I ever finish the comic.


Anime. That’s our next topic.

Nothing much. Give me my next episodes, and I’ll be okay. Until the series ends, that is.

That’s when you give me the next season’s releases. And I”m especially waiting for Spring ’08. A lot. Like drool coming out whenever I think about the releases. (Exaggeration)


PSX Emulator! Yay?

Definitely. I finished Alundra, for those of you who’ve read that other post. Not too bad.

Anyone play Xenogears before? Because that’s what I’m working on at the moment. I just need to find the time to play it some more. In my spare time, I mean. Spare time.


And I’m bored. Again. Maybe I’ll go flip out or something. Or do something productive.

Whatever it is, I’ll be off. ‘Till then.

P.S. I’ll be trolling BasilMarket. Just pay attention to the “interesting” threads…

~Finished 2.18.08 @ 9:18 PM, PST.

7 thoughts on “A lot of things to ramble on about.”

  1. What? There was sexual innuendo in your blog? Oh, “PSX Emulator.” Lmao, you’re perverted.

  2. Actually, if you thought about it in a wrong sense,

    There are waaaaay too many innuendos in this, and every other, blog.

  3. Hey! You’re stuck in that hell hole called Certificate of [Merit <- for me]!
    I’m going to level 7 too, but I think it’s later for us. . o.o
    I feel your painnnnn ~.~

  4. MasterCheeze said: “There are waaaaay too many commas in your comment.

    Darn those censored triple periods!

    . . .

    smidiot said: “Hey! You’re stuck in that hell hole called Certificate of [Merit <- for me]!
    I’m going to level 7 too, but I think it’s later for us. . o.o”

    Haha, oops, typo. Meant to put “Merit,” but I was thinking of something else. Probably something MMO-related.

    And after this test, I’m going on to level 8. I barely passed a practice theory test, too. D=

  5. The dentist was coming into her mouth.

    “Now, I’m going to stick this stick into your mouth. Don’t worry; I warmed it up before doing this regular checkup. Now, I’m now applying the white mint gum-protection paste. This might feel uncomfortable due to my “stick” being pushed in and out to apply the gum-protection paste. Ok, don’t worry, it’s edible. Remember to swallow! It has lots of calcium and vitamins. Specially formulated!

    By the time the checkup was over, my sister was trembling all over.

    “What’s wrong, sis?” I asked.

    “I feel violatedÂ…”


    (And don’t think negatively of this! It’s just a short paragraph about a girl’s trip to the dentist office! )

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