an average day


so the gardeners are at my house right now, and it is sooo loud. That was a bit of random information, anyways I’m currently cooking instant noodles because my mom isn’t home and I don’t feel like going to get food, so while the water is boiling, thought I’ll submit a quick blog. I know I should be watching the water boil so nothing accidental happens and burns down the house, but whatever, telling you guys about my day is way more important than my house being burned down, unless of course while in the process my house being burned down, my laptop is also burned, then it’s a lose-lose situation. But I’ll take the risk

what has been happening in my maplelife? Not too much really. My guildmaster has finals comming up so she’s going to be studying for about a week or two so until she comes back, no guild still ): I just quit the guild I joined yesterday in MmYuMmY’s absence because all they did was Guild Pq and I don’t know how to GUild Pq! Plus I want my first guild pq experience to be with MY guild

I should go check on that water..

okay, noodles are done. I’ll let them cool a bit before I eat them. Sooo, can you guys believe I grinded out a whole level yesterday? I’m currently on spring break so I’m trying to level quit a bit this week. My plan was a level every two days, but yesterday I donno what happened, I decided to be hardcore I guess. My goal is level 85 by the end of the week and level 90 by the end of the month. Always nice to have goals isn’t it? Fervent training is slowly draining what little funds I currently have, I haven’t had time to merchant lately because of all my training and I haven’t been selling the stuff I have either because of the whole FM situation. lalala I went to a friends wedding yesterday, hope he doesn’t mind if I post a picture. oh darn, I’m blinking in the picture. oh wells.

Oh yeah, what kinds of poisons do people use to commit suicide? I have a idea about writing a murder story and I needed some information about posions. Not pills, but like I don’t know, snake venom or something like that. I know most people don’t use “poison” to commit suicide, but I really like the idea and I think it romanticizes the idea of death, like Romeo and Juliet you know?

Why am I still friendless on MMOTales? ): well, I’ve only submitted one boring blog and this is my second boring blog. My life just isn’t that interesting I guess. well, going to eat my noodles now!

until next time!

8 thoughts on “an average day”

  1. welll, spring break is awesome cept for one thing >.>
    -wakes up-
    well where was I? oh yeah

  2. Arsenic. >.>

    Or what’s it that smells like almonds. Cyanide?

    Good luck with the levelling.

  3. Wow, just looking outside my window now reminds me of the the last few summers when I would be on the computer all day playing MS. Those were good times. Ludi-Land

  4. Potassium Chloride! That what Dr Kevorkian used in his suicide machine, and what i think the US still uses in its lethal injections.

    And i will be your friend!

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