love this game!

i just got this game. and at first i thought it was gonna be boring, it seemed pretty stupid, but after playing for a while i realized that the game has a lot more depth then i first thought. I chose to become a bowman becuase i love archery in real life. Then after getting the bowman to level 15 i realized i wanted a warrior. And i got him to level 14 and then really wanted a theif, this wasnt the greatest choice for me mainly becuase i accidentaly put most of my stats into luck not dex. I was really upset becuase i really wanted to be a theif and i wouldnt be able to play MP for the next couple of days so i would have to wait. But after the long wait of getting my computer fixed i played the theif and had a great time. Then, unfortuantly, someone hacked my account! i was furious! they dropped all my stuff and took all my money! so at this moment i am lvling up my noobish lvl 10 warrior…

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