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KLON Loses Lawsuit
<Orbis> Last week, on Thursday, the high profile court case between media giant K.L.O.N
and youth operated free speech magazine STAMP came to a close with the judge deciding that KLON must
pay up for te trouble it caused.
Judge MattipwnerSin (retired 107 hermit) handed down his order to KLON’s lawyers at and closed the case with a bang
at 3:48 PM.
The court orders KLON to pay a total of 2.14 billion mesos to The Singa Times, Singapura’s biggest media outlet and mother company of STAMP.
The legal battle began months ago when KLON filed the lawsuit against STAMP over misrepresentation charges in Maple Civil Court in Orbis. The case was moved to criminal court a week later after the Singa Times legal team filed for a dismissal order at SEA Lands District Court 14. KLON pressed criminal charges against STAMP’s Kerning city branch in order to keep their case alive.
KLON initially charged and sued over STAMP’s expose of KLON’s magazines and TV files concerning religious tension in Kerning City. STAMP analyzed a pro-JA documentary and made a show of their own and posted the expose on Urban Rust TV.
The court case resulted in STAMP’s Kerning City employees and volunteers being arrested and jailed. They were transferred to the detention center in Orbis.
KLON’s aim was to economically crush the STAMP program nationwide, and severely damage the Singa Times; thus giving KLON some room in Singapura, and discourage media-free-speech everywhere.
The judge reviewed all of the evidence in a 45 minute lecture before handing down his decision.
“…lawyers exercised excellent strategy in this round of legal chess in choking the Singa Times and their subsidary companies and placed orders that illegally prohibited the Times from employing their legal defence in this case. The prosecutor’s clients also used the case as a show of force to threaten people’s free speech rights while [KLON]
continued to exercise their cover for their partner, the Justice Arrow in media and public relations matters. Basically your lies were exposed by the Defence’s client, and in response you legally attacked STAMP and it’s mother company, not only to protect your own work, which is also controversial, but plans for possible expansion to Singapura…”
The SingaTimes originally ignored the case until they were listed as a target by KLON a month later. In the last month, the case was turned to the Maple Supreme Court.
In the order that the judge handed down yesterday, KLON must pay 2.14 billion mesos in damges to the SingaTimes, 750 million mesos to STAMP, its employees, volunteers, and their families. Last night, the employees were released from jail and sent home to Kerning City. A court decision next week will determine if KLON must pay out an additional 50 million to each of them.

Amoria Revokes 2000 Marriage Licenses: APQ
<Amoria, VIC>
The administration responsible for the wedding system terminated 2000 marriage licenses and suspended 5000 more in a decision on Friday. The decision was made after the admin recieved the 2007 APQ census report. According to the report, nearly all married couples who have any of the four jobs are constantly taking part in the Ammoria Party Quest. The average of runs for each participant is above 350 a month; something the marriage admin considers to be excessive. The key reason, however, is not so much the APQ, but people getting married only for the sake of going into the APQ. Bishop Mathis Harzwalli says that the wedding is strictly for two people who are solely commited to eachother.
“…Those who marry have a tight bond with eachother, and will protect eachother or do great things for eachother or together. These values are why the APQ arena was built in the first place. There are way too many couples who simply marry just so they can go into the arena…”
The admin started turning away people last week.
“We just know if they are committed or not. Two people arrive at our office, and say they want to get married. They have the money and the items needed, but they plan the wedding in a day or a week, on that day they havent even prepared. No quests, no gift registrars, no nothing. They just walk in to where the priest is in their street clothes and its a snap done two minute ceremony!”
Another outrageous factor and the red flag that triggered these investigations was that People from Amoria began finding wedding rings up for sale in the Free Market or at pawn shops in Kerning city or Ludibrium.
“They have a ring, and sell it! They sell it to some one else who wants to melt it down for its minerals or to a buyer who is too cheap to even go through the wedding process and just want’s to go to APQ. It gets to a point where they just share rings among friends or guild mates who want to PQ.”

The administration may cause a huge delay as they are examining the system and make plans for a ‘complete overhaul’
GMs are on the scene at the APQ gates checking wedding rings. Those with another ring will face arrest.

Test Flight Succes!
<Orbis Station>
The Kawartha, an experimental glider like aircraft, built at the Ossyria School of Aviation past the test and marked a successful milestone in flight for the OSA.
The aircraft, a 250 pound glider plane like structure built of wood from Roikan trees, 80 feet long with two 58 foot wingspans, equipped with small MachBlast jets, took off from the runway at Orbis Station at 8:30 in the morning on Saturday. The Kawartha was designed to navigate the winds of jet streams and the upper atmosphere. The ship is equipped with cameras, sensors, dopplars, thermometers, barometers, solar panels, arcane clocks, and an electrical neutralization system (to protect against lightning and magnetic instabilities). The unmanned craft is piloted by an onboard computer hooked to five high power memory crystals. The computer is programmed with software that acts as the brains of the aircraft. The Kawartha can pilot itself in the skies or it can be remote controlled by the students at OSA…until it passes the 600 mile range, then it is on its own.

The craft took to the sky, and was almost destroyed two minutes after lift off, when it was caught in the wake of the Minerva II. The Kawartha recovered using it’s emergency manuevering system, but had to drop altitude inorder to avoid going against the easbound winds.
The craft is flying to New Saskatchewan to ‘hop aboard’ the Chamsaka Jet Stream which will carry the Kawartha up to about 75,000 feet where the fierce winds are. The jet stream dips to 20,000 feet over southern New Saskatchewan, an area where hundreds of planes were reported missing during the Maple War.

The official aim of the project is to get the aircraft onto a high altitute air stream that will carry it into a low orbit. At this level, the ship’s instuments will record data and when it passes over MapleWorld, transmit everything to Maple Island and OSA. At press time, the Kawartha is on a detour in New Saskatchwan due to a deadly snowstorm that is occupying the jet stream pickup area.

Missing Bow Masters all in Azeroth
MBI investigators confirmed an SI:7 report that most of the Justice Arrow’s elite are all still in Azeroth. Alliance forces have confirmed that the JA have withdrawn from Eversong, but moved to Tirisfal and began attacking undead settlements.
During heated negotiations, the Orc dimpomats from Orgrimmar stand by their accusation that the JA is a covert operation secretly backed by the Alliance. The represatives from Undercity demand the Alliance withdraw or face war.
Stormwind responded and said that the JA is not working for the Alliance.
The Deathguard soldiers have reported that the JA is co-operating with the Scarlet Crusade, another band of religious terrorists bent on destroying the undead population. The JA’s attack on the town of Brill is the latest incident sparking rife between the Alliance and the Horde. Despite Undercity’s efforts, the JA and SC’s weapons were too effective against the Undead.
In last week’s round of talks, Stormwind diplomats have stressed the need for Undercity’s approval of Alliance forces to enter Tirisfal. The Orcs and Undead both responded with a strong negative reply, calling the humans’ incursion an ‘act of war’
Silvermoon has issued an order for all high level Blood Elves to defend Undercity in it’s hours of need. The Quel-Thas Family will commit up to 450 troops for background attacks against the JA.
Despite outcries from Henesys, Orbis has given the approval for all of the bowmen to be killed if necessary.

Sin’Dorei Mana Bomb A Serious Threat
<Allerian Stronghold, Terrokar>
The former ruler of the Blood Elves, Prince Kael-Thas, a renegade Blood Elf who occupies Tempest Keep in the Outlands has weapons of mass destruction in his arsenal. Secret documents leaked out landed under the eyes of SI:7, who warn MapleWorld of impending disaster. PKT and his tribe of renegade Blood Elves have produced powerful mana bombs and arcane missiles. Two of the first three mana bombs produced were detonated in the Outlands, destroying two settlements. The third one crapped out. Now, PKT has hundreds of arcane missiles in his arsenal. The missiles are a great alternative to PKT who can just launch them instead of carrying mana bombs accross the Outlands and through the Dark Portals.
Since the Alliance, and the Horde’s agents have been attacking, PKT has aimed the missiles at several cities accross Azeroth. Each weapon has a yield of 50 megatons, and is capable of wiping out entire cities. However, ever since the Justice Arrow began attacking Silvermoon, PKT, who once helped the Blood Elves rebuild their cities, is aiming one of those arcane missiles at Henesys. Pictures from hired mercs show arcane missiles fastened to launch stations around Tempest Keep and are all pointing down at the planet. When the Outlands are directly over Mapleworld in orbit,
the distance between Outlands and home is only 350 miles.
According to SI:7, the last close call was when Price Kael set a missile to launch at Stormwind, but the human warriors who stormed the Keep managed to disarm the missile. The rocket fell and was remote detonated 60 miles below Outland.

The Alliance warns Orbis that PKT is a very volatile terrorist; all the more reason for the JA to be defeated. SI:7, which also has an information stockpile on Roika states that that country is also at risk because of the JA’s presence in Saint Morning.

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