[Entry Number 1] Level 67, 82.40 %.

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June 13th, 9:30 PM.

[Entry Number 1] Level 67, 82.40 %.

I’m so close to becomming a Sader. So close. I just need a little more time. I was supposed to become a Crusader in Spring, but… I held back. Things happened, plans changed… I couldn’t train. I couldn’t do what I wanted to do. School’s out now, so I have the time. Double experience is gone, but it doesn’t matter. I can still train. I train in different places than the other warriors… in fact, I train in different places than most people do. I used to become ridiculed, but now? Now people see that I’ve got the right idea. I mean, I’m a warrior – a fighter… becomming a Crusader. I want to train in the most efficient places for me, for who I am, for what I’m going to eventually become… A hero. If I train in weird places, what does it matter? As long as I gain the experience needed to achieve higher levels, it shouldn’t. Soon, I will be level 68. Just two levels away from “Sader-dom”.

Most of my skills are maxed, at least the ones that need to be. I’m still in the processing of mastering Booster, but that shouldn’t take too long. At level 69 it will be mastered…

Today, I fought the Pirate Boss… but he was weak. He seemed distracted, as if he didn’t care for the battle. (It was not like him at all, at least not from what I’ve seen for myself, and what I thought initially.) And, for some reason, he was away from Ship. Could it have been a fake? An impersonation? …No, it was too similar. His clothes and moves were the same. Maybe he was just sick? Land-sick (Haha!). In my mind, there are doubts that it was him in the first place. His outer and physical appearance may have been the same, however his lack of interest and motivation were no where near the way they were the day before. He didn’t even bother calling in his ship-mates to help him! I encountered him several times, in fact – always defeating him, one time after another, alone, on my own. But, yesterday? I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I wouldn’t have even come close. I was on his pirate ship with a party of four or five other people, and it took all of us to defeat him. Maybe on land he loses his will. Maybe he’s just another regular monster on land. (How do I even know it’s always a male? …Well, he’s always got a moustache. I guess that counts.) No, that can’t be it. Perhaps I’m getting stronger. Perhaps…

11.53 PM;
I went out to train for a little while again. I ran into the fake Pirate Boss a few times. Defeated him like before. I grow tired, and I currently rest at 86.43%. Tomorrow is a new day… I Shall Level!

11 thoughts on “[Entry Number 1] Level 67, 82.40 %.”

  1. Woot, another fighter/almost sader on this site!
    Keep going, I’m lvl 62 Lol, really really really unmotivated right now!

    Welcome to the site!
    Lols, I automatically likes you cause your a sader! T.T I don’t think there’s like any saders on this site!
    Enjoy your stay!

  2. Aw, thanks. =) It’s appreciated. I’ve been here before, I just don’t post often though. =)

  3. Lol, anything on a private server doesn’t count as an achievement to me (sorry, I’m against P-servers)
    How do I know you didn’t just make that sader 2 min ago just to prove me wrong?

  4. Wait, you’ve been here before?
    Lol, well I never notice the new people anyway
    Oh and you said entry number 1, so I was just assuming that you were new.

  5. Yeah, I’ve been here before. I’ve got 4 other posts, actually. Like I said, I just don’t post often.

    And no, I play GMS, Bera.
    Actual Maple stories make me envious. GG for you having one!

  6. I know. ^^ All for the sake of writing something because I didn’t want the random inspiration I received to dwindle away. Yay for creativity.

  7. lazydame said: “Wait, you’ve been here before?
    Lol, well I never notice the new people anyway
    Oh and you said entry number 1, so I was just assuming that you were new.”

    Don’t double post Lazy. And VKM, hope you keep yourself motivated @ level 70. I’m demotivated.


  8. Lol, yeah, sorry ipod.
    Sometimes I don’t feel up to pressing the edit button.

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