My Horrid Day Continued

“so last night i decided. eff that i’m going to scroll my own. and i now have a 10luk 4slot top and a 2dex 6slot bottom :/”

that is quoted from my previous blog.

day before yesterday i scrolled my top to 12luk.

last night i broke it TT.TT

whered my luck go?

i scrolled a 74att 7 luk wagner at lvl 46.

and a 10luk jurgen at lvl65

its like i punched my luck in the face when i hit the 3rd job advancement. TT.TT

so now i’m lvl 79 with 20% and i’m using a brown china top that i got from v/hodoos (below avg)

so i’m just going to wing it until lvl 80 and buy a pirate top.

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