My Faise. o.o;

Wanna see my faise?

I’ve known you guys for a while now and I think it’s time I showed ya’ll what I look like behind the computer screen.

Here I am.

Eh.. try not to laugh too hard okay?

MMO Related:

I took really funny screenies of David and all of his trannyness. But he didn’t want me to show them and I don’t want to get banhammered.. so ja. ;>>

Okay so he said yes, but since it’s not showing over there then here you go. That’s all I’ll show.

Sorry, Dennis. His was shiny and powerful. o.o;
Plus he’s a GM with GM hekz! I couldn’t resist the powah!

In Real Life:

It’s a nice night tonight. Very peaceful. It almost lets me forget about all my problems and just relax. A long as I look through the fact that my mother is passed out on the side of the street from to much beer when I look out the window.
The neighborhood kids are lighting fireworks, the grown ups, Puerto Rican dominated, are outside enjoying the cool night air, speaking drunken slurred spanish, playing slow latin music, and drinking the night away. I wish Dennis were here so he could enjoy this with me. <3

Sorry this was so short, but I just wanted to get that out. Well, I hope you guys have a great night!

~Happy Mapling from 13lue to you!

15 thoughts on “My Faise. o.o;”

  1. Darkwar4ever said: “YOU GOT A HOUSE. D<“

    I don’t gots a house! I live in a run down 3rd floor apartment.


  2. FunnyFroggy said: “lulz.

    We should have a thread with everybody’s pictures?

    Except mine.”

    There used to be one. Lots of spam though.

  3. Notice that Froggy is the only one NOT f6ing all over the place.
    I think he’s used to seeing that kind of stuff, aren’t ya Froggy?


  4. True13lue said: “Notice that Froggy is the only one NOT ???ing all over the place”
  5. True13lue said: “FK”

    True13lue said: “B”

    True13lue said: “J”

    True13lue said: “KUC”

    Rawr, can’t find any more in there >:(
    that one doesn’t count ^

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