It wont dieee

Haha Well It had like 1Hp Left so I just let it slowly die
I am training ATM but I thought I would write one of these early (Kinda tired & my butt is asleep lol)
& I love training with my Pico hammer it’s so fun. Although my dmg sucks with out my Kage.

I’m gonna try to get 60% and Go to sleeeeeep
This next week is Job hunting oooo no…not fun AT all ._.

AND I found new training music other then listening to T-pain & Chris Brown over 1,000+ times.
It’s like a all Techno station and remixes it’s pretty awesome.

I’ve been super tired lately
Think I need to get some vitamins or somethinggg

I’m already starting to yawn blahh

and my friend is hilarious

Nick Narcassist™ says:
neh (760.936.5019) says:

haha x3

4 thoughts on “Fun”

  1. Lol Shelli. You take a ss right when Andy logs on -f3-

    Tell yer butt to wake up cause you need to get to training :[

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