Better Infact Good


& That would be my char.
So I didn’t go with the polar bear thing *shrugs*

Today was pretty good I went to Irvine.
Got a %
Found out my boyfriend is moving NEAR me ACTUALLY >-> …NEAR ME PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?
it means REAL dating not like 4 times a year dating but ACTUALLY DATING …He might move near Oceanside o_o I live 2 mins away from Oceanside …happy as a clam …are clams happy?

I got a new shirt crossbones with pink hearts on the bones.
I’m a pirate fan …I didn’t mention that did I? 😡

Anyway I’m happy

I’m listening to song I can’t understand even though its English
I’ll try to get a good %

Watch this not happen.

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