Shiny Blue Ray of LEVEL UP!

Yeah. It’s there MMOTales. That feeling of strange success. That feeling where the yellow bar at the middle-bottom-ish of your screen goes “BRIIIIIING” and it empties, exploding into a plethera of Blue color, major F2-ing, and the green letters that spell “LEVEL UP”.

In between these two blogs, I’ve leveled up and gained… 58.17% from level 61. Accomplishment, if I do say so myself, considering the speed I level at. All I have to do it LMPQ for… 7 levels and 42% to go. Hopefully, I’ll have enough money to send me along my way, including plenty for pots and a mount while I’m at it.

So bleh. My internet’s not fixed yet. I’ve stayed up all night just now, waiting until it pops back up. (7:00 AM). So I’m kinda… Dead beat tired, not having sleep for nearly 24 hours. I’ll probably haul myself back into LMPQ, and it’s nice having the birds chirp outside the window at this time of the day.

Back to where I was… As it turns out, a friend of mine “quit” MapleStory. Maybe not quit, but not play as often perhaps. And she was my faithful “LMPQ Buddy”. Good times, but it’ll be strangely different now. So! If you’re in Broa, and you can LMPQ, give me a ring. Drop by, tell me: “lol i no u, ur dat mmotalz guy dat dozn’t sleep no mores.” Otherwise, keep on doing what you’re doing.

I’m hoping by the end of the day that I’m typing this blog, I’ll be 63. And one more shiny-blue-plethera-of-color closer to achieving my dream goal of Ranger. Bowmaster looks waaaay to far ahead at the moment. But I’ve heard it gets a lot more fun starting on from Ranger anyway. Either way, I’m pretty determined. Motivation is seeping outside of my tired, drooping body. If I start giving up now, permission is granted to slap me silly!

Anyway. Short blog for today. Snox’s human too. Time to hit myself awake, surf around for a little bit, and probably head back to Maple in a series of 20 minutes. All while listening to Stratovarius.

So long, for now!

RisingAegis; Level 62 [58%] Hunter of Broa.

[Picture-1]- Yeah. I think I need another Monster right about now…

PS. That little banner on top of the screen bugs me. It’s basically Nexon saying: “o no gaiz. plz don’t hack. itz against rulz. tyty lusm.” As if THAT’ll stop the PG hackers. XD

PPS. The sky turned blue. Goal of around 36 hours of no sleep? Mhmm.

PPPS. I just turned 63. [March 18th, 9:00 PM]

5 thoughts on “Shiny Blue Ray of LEVEL UP!”

  1. Grats on level 62.

    And I think I saw you LMPQing a couple of days ago. Your name seems familiar.

  2. Yep. I remember too Kitsch.

    @Rain: LOL. Yeah. Kinda pathetic, since they have the money to atleast TRY to fix all of this. Instead, they copy/pasted a MapleTip and put it on a scrolling notice.

  3. T.T No sleep. I just had no sleep. Stayed up all night/day to finish my project. Yay Lady Procrastination.

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