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sorry I haven’t been here a lot. Summer’s actually kind of busy, cuz i go to camp. Anyways, my friend was playing WoW and there was a private server, so I started searching for one for MS. Turns out, that’s pretty cool, only it’s not the real game and it usually has like lags and stuff. But it’s cool.

Anyways, I’m finally thinking of making a new character in a completely different world (Kradia, maybe?) and then training to it my first ever -gasp!- level 70! I mean, i haven’t come close to that yet. My highest is a level 31 and 32. But I’m actually going to try this time… wonder how long it’ll take? I can’t play much, plus, my parents will kill me if they find out I play everyday, 6 hours a day or something. They know I play, and they don’t lik it too much (or when I play too much, I mean, they don’t mind).

One thing that sux is that I can’t play with my own brother! because only my computer has MS, and my parents well, they just reformated the computer and won’t let me download it on theirs… It sorta stinks. Oh well, I got stuff to do. I keep saying, oh, well,… well… (there it goes again) at least I don’t -sigh- way too much.

Anyway,s later.

– SomeonezStory

P.S. Take care of yourself Dont overdo it.

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  1. You might find this link useful: link

    It tells you how to run MapleStory from a thumbdrive so you can play on your parents’ computer. No installation required!

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