MapleStory Survey #2

MapleStory Survey #2

More questions!

1) What is your favorite map, town, or place in Maple?
2) Do you do PQs?
3) Do you hunt (get money and good items, very slow exp) or train (get exp and level)?
4) What server do you play?
5) Do you think you’re a noob?
6) How long have you been playing?

1) Orbis (yay go orbis!)
2) Sometimes
3) I train.
4) Bera is the best.
5) No.
6) On my new account about less than a month.

9 thoughts on “MapleStory Survey #2”

  1. Hmm,
    1) Why did Mushdad break up with Mushmom? Because he found her doing things at Somebody Else’s House.
    2) No u. Well I used to, but not anymore~
    3) Neither.
    4) THIS … IS … BERA!
    5) Yes.
    6) Since beta… 2-3ish years?

  2. 1) NLC or Henesys Market
    2) Nope, hence why I’m still level 68
    3) Hunt and quest and if I’m over 60% I train
    4) Windiarr
    5) Nah, I’m just low level and I don’t know anything useful
    6) 13 Months

  3. 1) Ellenia because of the music.
    2) Yeah, but not so much anymore.
    3) Uh, I train and find w/e when doing so.
    4) Windia.
    5) Maybe now since I’m hardly ever on.
    6) About two years I’d say. I think I joined around the .10 patch. Give or take a few versions.

  4. 1) Definitely El Nath.
    2) When I used to play, yes.
    3) I mainly train. Hunting isn’t really efficient for me.
    4) Broa, heh.
    5) I’m alright.
    6) About three years (including the times I supposedly “quit&quot.

  5. 1. Leafre.
    2. Not at my level.
    3. I hunt when I train.
    4. Broa FTW.
    5. Define noob.
    6. When Perion was a marketplace.

  6. 1) SLEEPYWOOD! cuz f the soothing music!
    2) i do them onyl when i have a friend there to stop me from releasing my inner”IM GONNA KILL YOU” demon
    3) traaiin and explore =o
    4) THIS. . IS. . WINDIA!
    5) only sumtimes when i act that wya on purpose x3
    6) 1 year+


  7. 1) Leafree dungeons (the bgm rox)
    2) I dont give a damm,i take whichever way is fastest to lv.And i hate stupid people that go ‘I WAN SURE IN PQ’
    3) Train.Then do my most favourite thing.Shop,buy and make $ >D
    4) Aquila
    5) Obviousely not!
    6) 2 years or sth?

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