Not much to say, really.

Basil’s been off the past few days, and I had an auction that should have finished yesterday… Not really complaining because I can understand that not everything is going to work all the time and that the people who work to keep websites up do have lives besides their websites. The only issue is that I’m going on vacation on Tuesday… No internet connections. Kinda need to know who won my auction so I can try and complete the transaction… or at least tell them I won’t be around to finish it if it’s too late.

Oh well. Perhaps I can get my friend to do it for me. And perhaps I can even find the wireless connection in the campground. But if I’m on vacation at the beach, I ain’t spending my time on Maple. Especially since this is probably the last time I’ll ever get to go to said campground since the camper is up for sale now. Kinda sad, really. Been going there at least once every year since I was born. Basically 19 years I’ve been there. It’s like a second home to me.

Anyway, I finally got my Mardian character to level 30 a few days ago. She’s now a little cleric with crappy heal. She’s currently level 31 (and at like 83% too. No clue why I stopped training there). I was wanting to be level 35 today, but I haven’t been able to get on the past two days. Well. I have been able to get on, I just didn’t want to. I got the Wii Fit today, so I’ve been playing with that during my free time, or watching my brother play Grand Theft Auto IV.

I hoping to get to level 40 by Tuesday before I leave for vacation. But I doubt it now. I’d have to get 3 levels for 3 days. Possible, perhaps. But I have a short attention span and tire of things easily >_>;

And so, I’ll end this entry as I’m already rambling… Ta.